It’s Bath Time! Which Bath Soaks Should You Use?

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better bath better body epsom salts

With over 30 bath soaks to choose from, it’s surely overwhelming choosing a bath soak. Each bath soak contains a unique combination of essential oils that offer different benefits. Before choosing a bath soak, consider what you need the most. Do you need…

1. Deep Relaxation

Do you often find yourself having difficulty relaxing? Save yourself the trouble of deciding between binge-watching another series or taking a nap and schedule a relaxing bath daily or once a week with The Deep Relaxation Bath Soak. The aroma of lavender essential oil will help your mind and body relax so you can achieve a full, deep relaxation.

2. Relief From Stress

If you’re one of those busy bees who are always on the go, you surely crave stress relief. The Stress Relief Bath Soak will bring complete relief from stress. This bath soak will help your mind and body let go of tension from the stress of work, school, or life in general. You’ll come out of this bath feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

3. To Detox

If your goal is to cleanse your body of the dirt and pollution that accumulate on a daily basis, the Detox Bath Soak is the one for you. This bath soak will rid your body of all the dirt and grime that build up daily while your mind relaxes. The Detox Bath Soak is perfect for the home spa experience.

4. To Moisturize

Do you have dry, flaky skin? If this is a problem that you can’t seem to get rid of regardless of the lotion you use, the Dry Skin Bath Soak can help. This bath soak is formulated to soothe and soften dry skin. You’ll feel moisturized and pampered after a quick soak with Dry Skin Bath Soak.

5. To Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an important step in any skincare ritual. If you’re looking to complete your skincare regimen, you need a bath soak that will remove dead skin and soothe your skin. The Turmeric Bath Soak is an excellent choice for this purpose. Epsom salt is a great exfoliant while Turmeric contributes to glowing, fresh skin. You’ll emerge from this bath feeling and looking better.

6. To Soothe Skin

If you love spending time under the sun and often get sunburn or if you have a skin condition, bath soaks can help calm and soothe your skin. Soaking in the Lilliuma Turmeric Bath Salt for 15 minutes will soothe irritation caused by sunburn.

better bath better body epsom salts

7. Relief From Body Aches

Chronic body aches are not easy to live with nor treat. People who have chronic body aches or experience body aches every now and then from physical exertion may find comfort in a bath soak. If your aches involve mostly muscle tension, the Muscle Soak is the choice for you; but if you have joint aches, choose the Joints Soak Bath Salt. This bath soak will help soothe muscles and joints so you can relax and sleep peacefully.

8. To Clear Your Mind

With so many things going on in the world, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Allotting time to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself is important nowadays. To help you clear your mind and reconnect with yourself, soak in the Ancient Secret Bath Soak. This bath soak will help you release tension and be calm so you can meditate peacefully.

9. Better Sleep

Sleep is sometimes elusive. If you wanted to change “sometimes” to “often” or “always,” you probably need the Tranquility Bath Soak. It’s easier to fall asleep and achieve deep, restful sleep when you are relaxed and calm before getting into bed. The Tranquility Bath Soak contains relaxing essential oils that will soothe your mind and relax your body.

10. To Achieve Peace And Balance

Supplement your spiritual journey with the Chakras Bath Salt. This bath soak will help you shake off any stress and negative feelings to keep your chakras flowing freely and help you achieve peace and balance. The Chakras Bath Salt is ideal for people who like to meditate during their baths.

11. To Recover From Exercise Or Sports

Athletes are no stranger to body soreness. You work through it and push your body to its limits—this is what makes great athletes. However, the Athlete Bath Soak can help you recover faster by soothing your sore muscles. This way you feel rejuvenated and can perform even better the next day.

12. To Uplift Your Mood

Some days, you may need some help picking up your mood and balancing your emotions. There are many ways to do this, including a bath soak with Pumpkin Spice Bath Soak. This bath soak will remind you of everyone’s favorite about the fall season—pumpkin spice, falling leaves, colder weather, and cardigans. The Pumpkin Spice Bath Soak will soothe your mind and uplift your mood for sure. 

13. A Quick Foot Massage

Does your work involve staying on your feet all day? If so, you probably have achy feet at night and crave a foot massage. But when a foot massage is not available, the Detox Foot Soak serves as a great alternative. Not only will this foot soak soothe your feet, but it will also leave it smooth and soft.

14. Relief From Colds And Flu

Colder seasons mean colds and flu. If you’ve caught one, you can find relief with the Cold Season Bath Salt. This bath soak has rose hip, peppermint, and eucalyptus to help relieve the symptoms of colds and flu. After a 15-minute soak, you’ll be able to breathe better and feel better all over.

15. Are You A New Mom Who Needs Relief?

Being a new mom means being put under a lot of stress. Aside from taking care of a newborn, your body is recovering from childbirth. To help you cope with these, you need a total relaxing bath with the Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak. The Sitz Bath Soak is formulated for new moms (it’s also great for pregnant moms!) to help you relax and release stress and tension.

Better Bath Better Body offers a wide variety of epsom salt blends that target your specific needs. Whether you need to release stress, help with sleep, or uplift your mood, what these bath soaks guarantee is a great, relaxing time. So, which bath soak do you need?

better bath better bath epsom salts

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