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“Me Time” Ideas For Tired Moms

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It’s hard to get time alone when you’re a busy mom caring for your family. With all the things that need to get done, it may seem impossible to have even an hour or two for yourself.

However, it is important to take time to renew and recharge every once in a while. A physically and emotionally healthy mom can accomplish so much more than a mom who is always tired. If you’re a mom, you don’t have to be guilty about spending a couple of hours for yourself. In fact, you may greatly benefit from it.

Finally found a couple of hours for yourself? Here are some things you can do.


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Catch Up With Friends

When you’re a mom, you spend a bulk of your time hanging out with your children. You probably miss having long and meaningful conversations with adults. Try to schedule a catch-up with your friends every once in a while. Schedule a wine night or a movie date with them. Aim to go out at least once a month.


If you’re a mom, it’s easy to neglect your health. If you get a couple of hours a week for yourself, schedule your workouts accordingly to keep your body healthy. There are a lot of ways to stay healthy. You can watch exercise videos online. Your workouts don’t have to be intense. You can start walking in the evenings to clear your head.

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Learn Something New

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or a kitchen expert to take up a hobby that can help you recharge. Find something that can break your daily grind. You can try photography or scrapbooking. Do something that really sparks your interest.

Create Something

Squeeze your creative juices. Whether you write, paint, or sculpt, the process of creation can give you a sense of achievement. Go ahead and start a project and commit to taking small steps to help you achieve progress. Even just fifteen minutes a day can make a huge difference.

Indulge In A Luxurious Candelight Bath

Do you have an hour or two by yourself? It’s enough time for you to have an Epsom salt muscle soak.

Ever heard of Epsom salt? Made from magnesium and sulfate, it’s an all-natural remedy that offers numerous health and beauty benefits. It is known to soothe the body and relax the mind. Just add a cup or two to your bath water before taking the time to unwind.

One of Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom salt products that can help you enjoy quality time with yourself is our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak. All of our products are enhanced with 100% essential oils that offer aromatherapy benefits. By using them, you can release stress and negative emotions just by soaking in the tub.

Looking for high-quality Epsom salt online? Check out our other products here.

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