Mediterranean Sea Salt And Effortless Ways To Relax At Home

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Home relaxation is important in every person’s life. As the stresses of the day build, they begin to take a toll on the mind and body. Relaxing at home is the way to clear these stresses from the mind and to help bring yourself back to center once again. Mediterranean Sea salt is a relaxation aid that can be used as part of your at home relaxation practices.

Mediterranean Sea salt is naturally high in minerals like magnesium and iodine. It can help provide soothing comfort when added to a bath, and this is compounded alongside the use of pure essential oils. Combining this salt with aromatherapy provides a full body relaxation experience that is effective in soothing and calming yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Mediterranean Sea salt soaks can be enjoyed in several ways, and one of these is through a sitz bath. For those who spend hours of the day sitting at a desk or in front of a computer, a sitz bath can be particularly soothing while you unwind at home at the end of the day. Taking a sitz bath is simple, and it only requires a tub, a Mediterranean Sea salt blend such as the Lilliuma Sitz Bath Salt, and a few inches of water.

How To Make A Sitz Bath

To take a sitz bath, fill the tub with warm, comfortable water up to the hip area, making sure that the hip and below is fully submerged. Begin with a small amount of our Sitz Bath Salt, around 1/8 to 1/4 of a cup, and add more as you feel comfortable doing so. Sitz baths can be taken on a shallow basin or in a standard bath tub. Enhanced with pure, top-quality essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense, our Mediterranean Sea salt soak blend provides a full soothing experience you will definitely enjoy.

While relaxation is important, only a few prioritize it in their lives. Many believe that they simply don’t have the time to fit relaxation into their busy schedules. At-home relaxation techniques, such as taking a sitz bath with Mediterranean Sea salt, provides a soothing effect in as little as 15 minutes with just a bathtub, a soak solution, and a small amount of water.

The Power Of Sea Salt And Essential Oils

When you take a warm sitz bath, the essential oils found in our Sitz Bath Salt will escape the surface of the water through steam and evaporation. They will travel into the air and be inhaled as you enjoy the soothing Mediterranean Sea salt bath, providing aromatherapeutic benefits that relax your mind as the water soothes your body. Lavender essential oil in particular is particularly prized for the calming properties of its scent. 

It takes very little effort to relax at home with Mediterranean Sea salt. When searching for effective at-home relaxation techniques, sitz soaks with our Sitz Bath Salt provide the comfort you’re looking for, especially when you have to deal with a busy schedule every day.

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