Soak Your Way To A Better Mood With Sea Salt

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Having a bad day? Not feeling like your usual self? Feeling stressed out and busted? We all have those days when we feel down, tired, and not eager to do anything. If you want to feel lighter and get into a better mood, a warm bath will surely do you a lot of good. 

A Warm Bath For Better Mood

In a German study, researchers observed that there was a boost in people’s mood after they soaked in a 40C bath for 30 minutes. Reports also showed that regular baths help fight emotional imbalance.  Bathing and soaking in a tub allows the release of stress in the body and improves mood. Try using Mediterranean Sea salt to enhance your bath and relaxation experience. 

How To Spend Time With Yourself In A Relaxing Bath

According to an article published on Huffpost, a long, fragrant soak can help soothe the body and revive the mind. 

The setting is important for a truly relaxing bath. Read on to find out how you can achieve this. 

Dim the lighting. If you have warm light in the bathroom, that will do the trick. If not, try lighting some candles. It is better to use aromatic candles to further enhance the setup.  

You have to make sure everything is quiet, so timing is also crucial. Choose a time within the day when you are least likely to be bothered by anyone. 

If you do not want absolute silence, why not play some gentle music? Choose those that will make you feel as though you are in a spa.  

Don’t bring your phone to the bathroom so you won’t be tempted to look at social media posts or answer emails. Use your bath time to connect with yourself, find peace, relax, and reflect.  

Next, let the warm water run in the tub. Get your bath essentials such as Mediterranean Sea salt, exfoliating products, and a sponge or loofah. You may even pour yourself a glass of wine if you wish. There’s nothing quite like sipping wine during a warm bath when it comes to lifting one’s mood. If you are not a wine drinker, any of your favorite beverages will do. 

Prepare a clean robe and towel that you will use for drying off. You may also opt to apply some lotion and moisturizer after the warm bath. 

Uplift Your Spirits With Lilliuma Mediterranean Sea Salt 

For an unforgettably soothing experience, try Lilliuma Mediterranean Sea salt by Better Bath Better Body. It is made of only natural, high-quality, and additive-free salts and essential oils, and it is blended with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. Lilliuma Mediterranean Sea salt uses fractionated MCT Coconut Oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride) as a carrier oil so you can benefit from all of its amazing ingredients in a rejuvenating bath. 

Soaking in Lilliuma bath soaks means making time for self-care.  We at Better Bath Better Body continue our tradition of using only natural salts in our products―you won’t find additives, fillers, or harmful ingredients in any of the blends we offer. In addition, Lilliuma Mediterranean Sea salt comes in BPA-free packaging for your peace of mind. 

Calm yourself from the inside out with Lilliuma Detoxify Bath Salt.
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