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6 Ways Husbands Can Help Their Wives Recover After Childbirth

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First off, congratulations on your new baby! Now that your wife has given birth, it’s time to transition from pregnancy to postpartum recovery. As the husband of a new mom, you need to be aware that your wife is still recovering from childbirth and learning the ropes of motherhood. Here are the best postpartum care tips you can do to help her recover.

6 Postpartum Recovery Tips

Before getting on with postpartum recovery tips, remember that no mom will have the same postpartum experience and no formula will make your wife’s postpartum weeks perfect. These recovery tips can serve as a guide, but you still need to listen to what your wife needs.

Let Your Wife Get As Much Sleep As Possible

How many times does your wife get up at night to feed your baby? Three times? Four times? In any case, waking up multiple times at night leaves one restless and cranky in the morning. Naturally, you can’t handle the breastfeeding at night, but you can take over in the morning when the baby wakes up. Let your wife get her much-needed extra sleep by taking care of your baby in the morning.

Do Some Infant-Related Chores

Your wife may be an amazing human, but it would be too much to expect her to multitask while she’s fresh from giving birth. Her body needs to recuperate and heal, and that often takes anywhere from three to six weeks. During this time, she will need as much help as she can get. One chore you can easily take off her hands is the cleaning and sterilization of bottles, nipples, pacifiers, pumps, and other things you regularly use for your baby. Just make sure to handle this task properly and carefully.

Help Ease Her Discomfort

During the first three to six weeks after giving birth, your wife may be in a lot of discomfort, and there may be numerous causes for it. Make sure that your wife has all the necessary things to stay comfortable. You can give her a massage and prepare a soothing sitz bath for her a few times a week to help her relax.

Your wife will appreciate a warm bath with Better Bath Better Body’s Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak after a day of caring for the baby and doing household chores. This Epsom sitz bath salt contains essential oils that can ease your wife’s senses. A warm bath several times a week can help your wife stay calm and loose during her postpartum recovery.

Bonus postpartum recovery tip: An Epsom salt bath can also improve your wife’s mood, so she can enjoy the rest of the night and get plenty of rest afterward.

Check In With Her Throughout The Day

A lot of things happen throughout your wife’s and baby’s day while you’re at work. Being alone with a baby can be highly stressful. Add the various physical and mental challenges your wife has to manage after giving birth and you have a recipe for disaster. There are probably a lot of things going on in her mind, and she would appreciate an opportunity to talk with someone while she’s looking after the baby. Ask her how she is, what she’s doing at the moment, or whether she has eaten. You may also use this opportunity to ask your wife if she or the baby needs anything so you can run to the store after work.

Cook Her Favorite Meals

Many new moms struggle with accomplishing household chores while also taking care of an infant. New moms typically spend most of their time taking care of their newborn that they end up neglecting other chores such as cooking. However, that doesn’t mean that your wife should rely on takeout or frozen food. New moms need nutrition so they can have the strength to recover from childbirth and maintain a healthy breast milk supply.

You can make a big difference in your wife’s day by preparing a delicious meal for her, particularly one that she really enjoys. You can prepare meals at night or during the weekends and either refrigerate or freeze them to keep them fresh. Your wife can heat these meals in the microwave and eat them while the baby is taking a nap.

Empathize With Her

This is perhaps more of a general note for new parents. Having a newborn—or children, for that matter—in the house guarantees mess and chaos. If you’re dealing with a new mom, go easy on her. Just because she is home all day does not mean that she has the time to clean up. Take this as a great opportunity for you to step up and help her out. If you still have energy after work, pick up clutter or do the chores she hasn’t had the chance to do. After all, you share the responsibility for keeping the house tidy and taking care of the baby.

If you have an exhausted new mom at home, remember that there is always something you can do to make the postpartum recovery process easier for her. Try out any of the tips we’ve mentioned, and see which ones work best for your wife.

You can make up for all the times you fell short as a parent and allow your wife to relax for the rest of the evening. Take the baby from her hands tonight and let her soak in a rejuvenating sitz bath. To place your order for Epsom salt online, check out our store for other bath soaks she may enjoy.

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