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Epsom salt soaks have many soothing benefits, but pure essential oils for bath have their own special magic that makes the experience more luxurious and unforgettable. Aromas have their own unique ways of making bathtimes extra relaxing and you will get to know them here. 

The Magic Behind Our Top Selling Epsom Salts 

  1. Sitz Bath Soak - Sitz baths focus on the perineum area and aim to relieve the discomfort in your lower regions. If at first, many think that it is only for people with special conditions like hemorrhoids, it has now become another regular relaxation activity for everyone. Besides its soothing effects on the skin, one of the main reasons people find it enjoyable is the aromatherapy that comes with it. 
Our sitz bath soaks are infused with juniper and niaouli pure essential oils, which are known to carry rich and refreshing aromas. Their earthy and penetrating smells are balanced by the sweet and floral aromas of lavender, frankincense, and geranium. This unique combination is the perfect blend to keep you still and relaxed while seated on your sitz bath. 
  1. Muscle Bath Soak - When it comes to the ultimate body and muscle relaxation, the Muscle Bath Soak has got you covered. The secret behind its relieving effects has a lot to do with the pure essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint, which are famous for leaving a cool and refreshing feeling against the skin.
Their aroma is also equally revitalizing. The sharp forest smells can instantly reenergize you, especially if you take a Muscle Bath Soak after a nice workout session or after spending lots of time under the sun. 
  1. Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak - After going through the challenges of pregnancy and giving birth, mothers deserve all the relaxation that they could get. The Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak is here not just to soothe any lingering pains from birthing, but to also relieve them from the stress and help make them feel good during their self-care and me-time . This epsom soak has geranium and lemon essential oils, both carrying a distinct citrusy scent. The floral tones of geranium balance their distinct aromas, making the smell perfect for tranquil and indulgent bath times. 
  1. Detox Bath Soak - If you are feeling stressed and surrounded by negativity, taking a bath with the Detox Bath Soak can help you recover and feel light again. Not only can the epsom salts help you relieve the tension from your tired muscles, but the very sharp refreshing aroma of lemon and ginger pure essential oils can help you get rid of the negativity that’s weighing you down. Its combination of smells has a revitalizing effect that makes you feel renewed and ready to face another day. This soak helps you feel cleaned and relaxed inside and out. 
  1. Turmeric Bath Soak - The Turmeric Bath Soak is making huge waves among bath lovers. It is one of the most powerful aromatherapy you can experience from a bath soak as if it is telling you that there is no way to escape its relaxing benefits. Turmeric has a rich earthy and spiced smell that can make anyone’s head turn upon catching a whiff. Particularly, its pungent and spicy smells make it stand out from other aromas. If you want to feel more grounded and in touch with yourself, take a bath with the Turmeric Bath Soak. 

Why Aromatherapy In Baths? 

There are plenty of ways to achieve relaxation like sleep, spas, massages, and nice warm baths at home. While each activity naturally has relaxing effects, putting pure essential oils in the mix undeniably changes the game. These oils carry strong smells that are used for aromatherapy, which is known to ease tension, get rid of stress, and improve your state of mind. 

Combining aromatherapy with your bathtime makes it easier for you to feel its relaxing benefits. Baths are sacred for many. It is the anticipated alone time where people can be at peace with their own thoughts and emotions, be themselves, and let go. Epsom soaks and essential oils in bath aim to enhance this moment so you can focus on yourself better. It helps you feel physically, mentally, and spiritually revitalized. The different smells from various natural essential oils can also affect your mood. 

  1. Floral Aromas - Florals have very rich smells that also appeal the most to emotions. It can bring about nostalgic memories that also contribute to its very relaxing effects. Floral aromas like rose and ylang-ylang make people feel relaxed in a way that makes them feel calm, safe, and at home. 
  1. Citrus Aromas - The smell of citrus has its own spike that makes you feel refreshed and re-energized. If you ever need an extra burst of energy, alertness, or a wake-up call, taking an epsom bath soak with citrus aromatherapy like lemons and oranges can be very effective. 
  1. Earthy Aromas - After going through a lot of stressful chaos and turmoil, earthy aromas will help you feel grounded. If you need to be at peace, collect your thoughts, and regroup, you will be glad to be around earthy smells like frankincense, turmeric, and sandalwood. 

Where To Get Your Daily Dose 

Each day brings new experiences. Having a bath soak with various blends of pure essential oils can help you get through each one of them. You can read more about the available smells in each of Better Bath Better Body’s soaks by simply visiting the website. There, you will find a bath soak that could fit your moods, lifestyles, and events of the day.

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