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Relaxing Sitz Bath Soaks: Mineral Salts or Sea Salts?

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Sitz baths are great for helping you relax and feel relief. Adding bath salts can help increase these benefits.

Sitz baths are extremely popular for a number of reasons. When drawing a sitz bath, adding bath salts can soften the water, providing a more gentle experience. There are two kinds of bath salts recommended for sitz baths: Epsom salt or mineral salts and sea salts. Either type of salt is a great option depending on your needs. Here is how to pick the best sitz bath soak for your needs.

What Is A Sitz Bath?

Sitz baths have been used for centuries as a way to provide targeted relaxation. They were originally developed in Germany as “sitzbads” as a water therapy treatment. They are a fast, easy, and comfortable way to help you relax.

better bath better body epsom salts

How To Draw A Sitz Bath

Sitz baths can be drawn in a couple of different ways. One, you can purchase a special sitz bath, many variants of which fit over the toilet. Some have features like a showerhead, while others have a spray pump. Which you choose depends on your personal preferences. The second way to have a sitz bath is to simply find a tub that is both large enough to sit in and shallow enough to only fill a few inches. Finally, you can have a sitz bath in your bathtub. You simply fill the tub with a couple of inches of water until the area is covered. Making a sitz bath is simple:

  1. Fill the tub with enough warm water for soaking.
  2. Add bath salts to the tub per the instructions.
  3. Sit in the tub for 10-20 minutes.

If the water begins to cool, you can add more. Just make sure to adjust the amount of bath salts you add to ensure that the salts don’t become too diluted. You can also take multiple sitz baths a day depending on your needs. Though it is important to let the area dry completely. Ideally, you will let the area air dry but you can pat it dry with a clean cotton towel. At this point, you can add any creams per your doctor’s instructions.

Which Bath Salts Should I Use In My Sitz Bath?

There are many different types of salt. These salts include both salts for culinary purposes and for therapeutic and bathing purposes. You will want to make sure that the salts you add are designed specifically for bathing. Table salt, Himalayan Salt, and other culinary salts can cause irritation and pain. Of the bath salts, there are really only two salts that you want to use: Epsom salt or mineral salts and sea salts. Both types of salts offer a number of relaxing benefits and can be used safely in a sitz bath.

Sitz Bath Salt Options To Consider

There are really three options to consider when choosing bath salts for your sitz bath solution. You can choose sea salt, epsom salt, or a blend of epsom salt. Here are some of our favorite options:

The Better Bath Better Body Sitz Bath Soak is an epsom salt sitz bath solution. It is made with a blend of geranium, frankincense, niaouli, juniper, and lavender essential oils -- all of them provide an enjoyable aromatherapy experience. It also contains vitamin c crystals and comes in a variety of sizes. This is a great option for anyone looking to try epsom salts as a sitz bath salt.

Lilluma sitz bath salts are made from sea salt sourced from the Mediterranean Sea. It is formulated with soothing chamomile and frankincense essential oils that will also help you relax and unwind. This is a great option if you want to try a sea salt sitz bath.

If you are unsure of which type of salts are best for your needs, there’s also a sitz bath bundle that contains both epsom salt and Meditteranean sea salt options for your sitz bath. Regardless of which you choose, make sure to always do a spot test to ensure that you enjoy the benefits without any sensitivity.


Tips For A Great Sitz Bath Experience

Outside of selecting the right salt for your sitz bath, there are some tips that will help make this a more enjoyable experience. Since you are looking for relief, it’s important to create a relaxing experience. Here are some ideas:

  • Make sure that you are sitting comfortably to avoid any cramping
  • Make sure the room temperature is comfortable and there is good lighting
  • Bring something to do as sitting for an extended period can get a little boring
  • Avoid using a terry cloth towel and instead, use a plain cotton or microfiber towel if you do not have the time to air dry.
  • Wash your sitz bath out with a mild detergent without fragrances or additives to avoid future irritation.

A sitz bath is a great way to find relief from common ailments. Regardless if you prefer epsom salts or sea salts, just make sure the bath salts you use are specifically formulated for sitz baths. The sitz bath salt selection at Better Bath Better Body is made with the finest quality ingredients for the most relief. We have a nice variety of options to help you find the perfect choice for your needs.


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