Reward Yourself With A Relaxing Bathtime With Epsom Soaks

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better bath better body epsom salts

It is important to celebrate the little wins in life, and there’s nothing like a relaxing bath time to reward yourself for all the good work you have done. Make it better with your own choice of aromatherapy epsom salts for a very pleasurable experience.

Here are three bath soaks you can pamper yourself with: 

  1. Turmeric Soaks for Tranquil Baths - Turmeric has a distinct aroma reminiscent of citrus fruits, cloves, and ginger that puts you at ease. Its earthy tones mixed with just the right hint of spices and citrus smells can make you feel grounded and right in your zone.
better bath better body epsom salts

These qualities make a turmeric bath the perfect aromatherapy for a rewarding and tranquil bathtime, allowing you to release all the stress and tension from a busy day. 

Better Bath Better Body’s turmeric bath salt is made with pure essential oils and does not contain any artificial fragrances. The turmeric soaks can also be used for sitz baths. 

Take deep breaths as you relax and remember your little wins for the day while enjoying the turmeric bath soak benefits. To help you prepare your relaxing bath, here is a quick tip: mix half to a full cup of epsom salts on a standard-sized tub. For sitz baths, put in one to two tablespoons per gallon of water. Light some candles to build the atmosphere and fully enjoy the turmeric bath benefits. 

  1. Meditate with Muscle Soaks - Surely, all the hard work you’ve done to achieve your little wins has also left a toll on your muscles. That is why it is time to concentrate on your body and show it the love it deserves with the Muscle Bath Salt. It is made with Vitamin C crystals and pure essential oils. Mix your Muscle Soak in warm water and enjoy the aroma of peppermint and eucalyptus, which leaves a very soothing feeling that can help you fully relax, let go, and say goodbye to the tension in your muscles.

The minty aroma also leaves a refreshing feeling, making your body lighter and your mind free from worries. Muscle Bath Salts is the reward you truly deserve. Take this time to close your eyes and meditate as you feel your whole body cool down. 

To fully enjoy the moment, make sure to check the temperature of your bath water until it is warm enough for your comfort. Add your epsom salt and wait for it to dissolve before hopping right in.

  1. Soothing Sitz Soaks - There is a good reason why sitz baths are loved by many, and mixing sitz soaks in your warm water will make it all the more satisfying. Our sitz baths are made with high-quality epsom salts with pure essential oils that could make you feel at ease and very satisfied.

The pure essential oils carry the aroma of Lavender, Geranium, Niaouli, and Frankincense so you can really loosen up and let go of your worries. Smell the calming and refreshing aroma as you enjoy your sitz soaks. For maximum effectiveness and full enjoyment, doing sitz baths up to twice a day is the way to go.

How To Prepare A Winner’s Rewarding Bath

better bath better body epsom salts

A relaxing bath is a reward you can give yourself to further inspire and motivate you, and preparing it is also easy and won’t give you more stress. Simply fill your tub with warm water and check the temperature constantly so you can adjust it according to your preference. When adding in your epsom bath salt, put half to one whole cup on your standard-sized bathtub. Wait for the epsom soak to mix and blend in the water.

If you are wondering how much epsom salt you need for a sitz bath, just put one to two tablespoons of sitz soak for every one gallon of water.

You can also do some decorating and add more elements to your baths like tealight candles, flower petals, and soothing music for a full experience. Appeal to your different senses. You are free to enjoy your quiet alone time like a true winner after a day of hard work.

Choosing A Soak To Relax In

People have their own preferences, lifestyles, and walks of life, and you are free to decide which bath soak fits your needs. Better Bath Better Body has a variety of soaks to meet every mood and match every feeling. For instance, if you want to feel grounded and level-headed, the turmeric bath soak’s earthy aromatherapy is the right fit. If you want to lose tension in your mind and your muscles, the muscle bath soak is here for you.

There are many other epsom soaks and aromatherapy to choose from. Pick a different for each day and see which bath salts match your energy. You are sure to develop a favorite in no time. 

Stay Stree-Free With Better Bath Better Body Online

The search for the perfect relaxing soaks should not be a tiring task. Better Bath Better Body has high-quality epsom soaks that you can choose from, saving your time and energy from leaving the comfort of your homes. Each soak is unique with its own mix of pure essential oils, covering your every need, mood, and preference for each day.  Your rewarding relaxation time starts with a hassle-free shopping experience with Better Bath Better Body online.


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