Set Up A Romantic Bath For The Perfect Date Night In

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Getting in the mood for romance is difficult when you’re tense, stressed, or preoccupied with other feelings in general. For this reason, a romantic bath is a perfect way to set the stage for a date night in. Rose bath salt or a foot soak sets the mood you’re looking for to spend some quality time together.

Alone Or Together 

If you’re planning a romantic surprise for the one you love, you may run them a bath to relax and unwind to begin a date night in. Surprising a significant other with the benefits of rose and bath salt in a soak can help them to release all of the goings-on of their day and focus solely on the connection you share together. They can soak in the bath you’ve created while you prepare a dinner for two, call in their favorite takeout, or whip up some refreshing chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. 

Preparing a romantic rose bath isn’t just a solo endeavor, it’s also a great way to spend a little quality time together. You can both experience the benefits of essential oils and rose floating on the steamy air, as you enjoy the present together soaking the world away. After you leave your soak, you’ll feel connected, close, and ready to continue on with your romantic date night in. 

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Full Body Soak 

better bath better body epsom salts

For those with smaller tubs, no tub, or who are looking for a more targeted experience, you don’t have to draw a full bath to enjoy this romantic time for connection. Ginger foot soak benefits also fit right in with a date night at home, and it’s an easy way for you both to relax and revive together. 

Circulation Foot Soak with ginger and cypress is a soak that is made to soak up all of the stresses of the day as it revitalizes your feet and invigorates the senses. Drawing a foot soak as a romantic gesture for your partner alone is a great way to surprise them after a workday and get them in the mood for a romantic evening full of authentic quality time. 

Drawing a foot bath doesn’t require a tub. The benefits of a ginger foot soak can be felt in a soaking basin, which is then filled with hot water, and about 1 to 2 tablespoons of the foot soak per gallon of water drawn. Whether you choose to use a basin or a tub, the experience will be a relaxing one that helps the one you love to center themselves and free their mind of every thought blocking their experience in the present moment. 

Foot soaks are an easy way to enjoy a romantic soak together. If your tub doesn’t have quite enough space for two, sitting together with your feet in the warm bathtub or a soaking basin is a great way to enjoy this sort of intimacy without being uncomfortable in a too small space. As you soak together, you may enjoy a cup of tea, some quality conversation, a romantic movie, or a game you love to play together. As a couples’ activity, it’s a perfect way to start your romantic date night in as you get into the mood for closeness and connection. 

Adding To Your Soaking Experience With The Benefits Of Rose 

better bath better body epsom salts

The benefits of rose along with your bath salt are numerous. Rose petals can be purchased via online retailers like Amazon or in local stores and adding a simple handful to a full body or foot soak adds a whole new layer to your romantic bath experience. 

Roses have been synonymous with romance for thousands of years and adding the petals to your bath is a unique way to give roses in a useful and beneficial manner. While roses in a vase can be admired and smelled for a little while, roses in a bath can be felt and enjoyed as you have an experience of closeness and connection. 

Some of the benefits of adding rose to bath salt or soak are: 

  • Elevating your aromatherapy – Rose petals are filled with rose oils, which are released when the petals soak in the water. Like the essential oils in your favorite soaks, these rise on the steam creating a soothing and romantic aromatherapy experience. When you add rose petals to your foot or full-body soak, this simply brings another layer to your aromatherapy experience. Some aromas that blend particularly well with rose are Lavender, Ginger (like that found in the Circulation Foot Soak,) Lemon, Chamomile, and Frankincense. In aromatherapy, rose is well known to promote feelings of relaxation and a positive mood.
  • Soothing to the skin – Rose oils are also soothing to the skin, so when placed in a foot or body soak, they can help to soothe the body as the aroma soothes the mind. A foot soak with rose petals is a particularly comforting and relaxing experience, especially for those who spend a good amount of their time on their feet throughout the day.
  • Creating the “wow” factor – Rose petals have a certain romantic “wow” factor that can’t be achieved with anything else. The simple gesture of lighting a couple of candles and tossing rose petals on the surface of the water can set an immediate ambiance for romance during any date night in. 

The most special Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to take place at a fancy restaurant, in a faraway location, or require tickets. Having a date night in with the soothing benefits of a ginger foot soak or the benefits of bath salt with rose can create the sort of atmosphere ripe for love, connection, and the most memorable Valentine’s Day yet. 

better bath better body epsom salts

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