Elevate Your Soak With A Rose Petal Bath

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The benefits of rose petals in a bath are numerous. They set the mood, elevate your fragrance profile, and incorporate a new level of luxury into your soak. Rose petal bath soak benefits can be experienced on your own, or with the one you love with a special rose bath date. 

Roses And A History Of Love 

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Roses and their association with love is anything but new. Roses have been linked with love and romance since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. In Greek mythology, the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, created the first red rose after bearing witness to her injured lover. Adonis, after being injured by a boar, was laying on the ground as Aphrodite knelt over him and cried. When her tears mixed with his blood, a bush of red roses grew from the ground. 

In Roman mythology, red roses also came from their goddess of love and beauty. The goddess, Venus, was running after the man she loved to warn him of a plot against him. As she ran, her ankle was cut by a thorn and every spot of blood on the ground bloomed into a red rose. 

Because of the association with the goddesses of love and beauty, both Greek and Roman households would fill rooms with rose petals to create an atmosphere of romance. This is a tradition that continued throughout time. In early Christianity, roses were associated with faithfulness and love. During the renaissance, Shakespeare used roses to symbolize love throughout his works, most famously in Romeo and Juliet. 

What the history of roses and romance shows is that this is one gesture of love that has truly withstood the tests of cultural shift and time. Still today, one of the most romantic gestures you can make to someone you love is to present them with plush, sweet, velvety red roses. 

The Practical Benefits Of Rose Petals In Bath 

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Rose petals in the bath don’t just look beautiful, they’re also a practical addition to your soak and a way to maximize the benefit of giving roses as a romantic gesture. A few of these practical benefits include: 

  • It feels soothing to the skin – Rose petals contain rose oils, and as you place them in your bath the oils come out from the petals to mix into your bathwater. This creates rosewater, which is known to be soothing and comforting to the skin. When you place rose petals in your bath soak, the benefits of rose petals in your bath mix along with the benefits of your chosen soak. Using rose petals in a Dry Skin Bath Soak bath, for instance, will bring about an even more soothing experience.
  • A powerful mood lifter – As the oils soak out of the petals and into your water, you’re not just getting a soothing benefit to the skin. The fragrance will lift into the air with the steam of the water, enhancing your aromatherapy experience. Rose is a powerful mood lifter in the world of aromatherapy and works particularly well with other mood lifting aromas. In a romantic and relaxing Deep Relaxation Bath Salt bath, the scent of rose can gently send away negative thoughts and feelings as you soak your stresses away.
  • They set your atmosphere – If you’re planning to set up a romantic bath date, you don’t have to acquire too much to really make an impression. While red roses are most traditionally associated with romance, they come in many different colors, and incorporating a favorite color is easy. A handful of rose petals that can be purchased via Amazon or various local and online shops, and along with a couple of candles, you can create an atmosphere ripe for romance. You have more time to enjoy your romantic date with less time setting everything up. 

How To Create A Perfect Romantic Rose Petal Bath 

Creating a beautiful and atmospheric rose petal bath is easy. Roses are most often found in shades of red, but shades of pink, peach, white, orange and even shades of purple can be found as well. Choose the color you think would best fit that the room and the mood you’re trying to create. 

After choosing your rose petals, choose the soak you want to incorporate into the bath. Aromas that go particularly well with the scent of rose are Lavender, Frankincense, Chamomile, Lemon, and Ginger. For a soothing and romantic bath that incorporates complimenting fragrances, but still lets the scent of rose stand on its own, something like the Tranquility Bath Salt with scents of Chamomile and Lemongrass works particularly well.  

When setting up your rose petal bath soak, first run the water for your bath just hot enough to create steam for your aromatherapy experience. To the water, add between ½ to 1 cup of your chosen bath soak and allow the soak to dissolve. Once the soak has dissolved, agitate the water a little bit with your hand to make sure the essential oils in the soak are evenly distributed. 

After the bathtub has been filled, it’s time to add your rose petals to create a rose petal soak. Lightly sprinkle the rose petals on the surface of the water first, using any leftover petals to line the sides of the tub for ambiance. If there are petals still left over, you may use them to create a trail leading to the romantic bath you’ve drawn. Once the rose petals have been placed, lighting a few candles in safe locations around the bathtub and dimming the lights create the ultimate atmospheric experience. 

A simple Valentine’s Day date can be the most memorable, and a bath with rose petals is proof of that. Along with your favorite soak, this Valentine’s Day date can be the most special yet. 


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