Why Turmeric Bath Soaks Are Everyone's New Bath Favorite

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​​When people hear about turmeric, it is always food and cooking that first come to mind. However, turmeric is now a new bath time favorite that you wouldn’t want to miss out and people are loving it for good reason! If you are yet to enjoy this new bath time obsession, then now is a good time to discover why you should get a hold of Better Bath Better Body’s turmeric and epsom salt bath. 

Relax And Feel Stress-Free With Turmeric Aromatherapy 

better bath better body epsom salts

The smell of turmeric is very unique and easily recognizable. A whiff of its distinct smell is enough to remind people of the familiarity of home and a calm atmosphere. Turmeric comes with an earthy, woody smell that is very grounding; a quality that is helpful for people who need to slow down, pause, and take a breather. The hints of spice that complement the turmeric’s earthy tones are a nice contrast that balances its overall smell, preventing turmeric from becoming an overwhelming aroma and making it a fitting addition to your baths.

An easier way to describe a turmeric’s smell is that it is close and reminiscent of the smell of oranges, ginger, and cloves. Turmeric’s earthy aroma has hints of citrus, and the woody tones mixed with the spiced smell will remind you of the comforting smell of cloves, which is also known for its spice. All of these combined make for an invigorating smell that makes you feel great when taking deep breaths in as you find your balance and momentum.

Ease Your Mind From Worries With A Turmeric Bath 

Now is the time to get to know the turmeric bath soak benefits! Bathtime is supposed to be relaxing and it is the part of the day where people get to be away from the loudness and hecticness of the outside world. During bathtime, you aim to have a relaxed body and peace of mind, and turmeric bath soaks can help you with that.

Turmeric bath salts do not contain any artificial fragrance but instead come with pure essential oils, namely turmeric essential oil, lemon essential oil, and frankincense essential oil, all of which make for an interesting combination of aromas that can help clear the mind. It can rid you of distractions and help you think more clearly, removing the stress-induced fog that may prevent you from making good decisions and life choices.

A clear mind also lets you reflect and meditate. Deep breaths with turmeric aromatherapy brought by its bath soak give you the perfect opportunity to pull yourself up and regain your balance. You can feel grounded after being all around the place, and it is like you are taking off from a fresh start as you enjoy the turmeric bath soak benefits.

Preparing Your Turmeric Aromatherapy Bath 

better bath better body epsom salts

Everyone has their own bathtime rituals, and to help you prepare your bath with this new addition, here is a simple guide. 

You can fully enjoy your turmeric bath soak when you mix it with warm water. Before pouring in the bath salts and soaking in them, make sure to test the waters a few times first until you find the right warm temperature that you can completely relax in. If you think the warmth of the water is okay, you can now mix in your turmeric bath salt.

A standard-sized bathtub is good for a half to a full cup of turmeric bath soak. If you are unsure of the measurements, you can do 1 - 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. In addition, another thing to love about the turmeric bath soak is that it can also be used for sitz baths. Following the steps above, make sure that the water’s temperature is warm and good enough for you to dip in. For sitz baths, you can mix 1 tablespoon per gallon of water and make sure to not use 2 tablespoons at a time.

With all of that done, you can finish your other preparations like lighting candles and playing soft music in the background before finally enjoying a soak in your turmeric bath salts and aromatherapy. Close your eyes, breathe in, relax, and meditate. You will feel good as new and refreshed both in mind and body after a good soak.

Picking Your Turmeric Bath Soak

You do not have to scour the seas and travel far just to get your hands on quality turmeric bath soaks. Better Bath Better Body is here to keep this special relaxing gift just within your reach, and you can have it anytime you desire it. The turmeric bath soaks also come in different sizes and portions: 2lb,4lb, and 8lb. With the various options available, you can have turmeric soaks that you can bring when you travel, a jar to keep in your home, and a pack that you can also use as a gift if you want to share the delightful experience.’

Every pack and jar contains quality and natural ingredients, pure essential oils that carry relaxing aromas, and does not have any artificial fragrances. You can indulge in a natural, relaxing, and worry-free bath time.

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