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Indulge yourself with a great shower any time of the day with TEN kinds of shower aromatherapy tablets from Better Bath Better Body. These tablets work like a bath bomb in your shower, releasing invigorating aromatherapy for a luxurious shower experience. 


Better Bath Better Body Shower Tablets Now Available

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Our tablets are delicately formulated to release a relaxing aroma without chemical additives and without artificial fragrance -- just 100% pure essential oils. Once you’ve tried our shower tablets, you’ll be looking forward to using them again every day.

Relax Shower Tablets

Use Relax Shower Tablets when you’re feeling stressed and exhausted. These feelings tend to stretch your patience to its limits more quickly. An aromatherapy shower with the relaxing aromas of lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, and menthol will help make you feel better.

Vapor Shower Tablets

Breathing in the aroma of Vapor Shower Tablets will help you feel great any time of the day. The aromas of eucalyptus essential oil, camphor essential oil, and menthol work are so comforting. They work like a heartwarming embrace after a long day. In the morning, it’s like a solid pat on the back, a reminder that you’re starting your day right.

Turmeric Shower Tablets

If you’re the type who likes to do some meditation while you’re in the shower, the aroma of Turmeric Shower Tablets can help give your ritual a boost. The relaxing aromas of turmeric essential oil, blended with lavender essential oil and menthol, can help you get in the zone more quickly to meditate.


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Relieve Shower Tablets

Use Relieve Shower Tablets any time of the day. When you need something uplifting, you can step in your shower  day or night and enjoy a soothing aromatherapy. Mint lovers will love the blended aromas of eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and menthol.

Morning Citrus Shower Tablets

The Morning Citrus Shower Tablets, as the name suggests, are best enjoyed at the start of your day. The aromas from peppermint essential oil, orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, and menthol will help wake your senses. They will help keep you alert as you start your day.

Gentleman’s Shower Tablets

The Gentleman’s Shower Tablets offer a gentle and grounding aroma that men will appreciate.The elegant aromas of eucalyptus essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and menthol will make you feel that you’re in a luxury spa as you shower. It’s a great gift idea for your friend, family, and colleagues. 

Detox Shower Tablets

When you’re in the mood for a detoxifying shower, use Detox Shower Tablets and breathe in the comforting aromas of lemon essential oil, ginger essential oil, and menthol. It will make you feel lighter, more refreshed and relaxed after a shower.    

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Cold Season Shower Tablets

For days and nights when you need some extra warmth, use the Cold Season Shower Tablets in your shower. Let the refreshing natural aromas of eucalyptus essential oil, pine essential oil, and menthol permeate your senses as you shower. You’ll feel more refreshed and reinvigorated after your shower.

Awaken Shower Tablets

The Awaken Shower Tablets, as the name suggests, are formulated to give off a natural and energizing aroma from orange essential oil, tangerine essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, and menthol. This wonderful citrusy aroma can help you get started on a new day. Or, you can enjoy it with a nice shower when you’re trying to pull an all-nighter for school or work.

Arctic Mint Shower Tablets

The Arctic Mint aroma is refreshing and crisp. Mint lovers will delight in the clean, invigorating aromas of spearmint essential oil and the uplifting tingle of peppermint essential oil. The minty aromas are complemented by menthol for the ultimate mint scented shower aromatherapy.

There’s a right shower tablet for everyone. Pick something for yourself, as well as your friends, family, and colleagues. This is a great gift idea, and you can even share them with your loved ones just because.


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Check out our shop to see what’s in stock today. Buy your shower tablets today. Click here.

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