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better bath better body epsom salts

Many people are starting to discover the wonders of having a sitz bath soak, but even with the relaxing benefits, there are still those who think that it is complicated to do. Let’s understand sitz baths better and with some guidance, you will be enjoying your own in no time.

What Are Sitz Baths?

Sitz baths are different from your usual full-body baths because it focuses mainly on your bottom or intimate areas. Even if they only target certain parts, sitz baths are still very relaxing and something that you would want to indulge in from time to time. To enhance the experience, you could use an Epsom salt sitz bath so you could also enjoy soothing aromatherapy. Sitz baths may be gaining popularity now, but it has actually been around for years, which is proof that it is a delightful activity that people love to do to pamper themselves.

Are Sitz Baths Hard To Prepare?

better bath better  body epsom salts

It is understandable that many people think preparing a sitz bath is complicated. Because the target area is your perineum, it is unavoidable that some would fret over finding the appropriate tools and soaks that are safe to use for sensitive places. The good news is that it is actually very simple to prepare a sitz bath with Better Bath Better Body’s sitz bath solution.

Preparing a sitz bath is just like getting ready for your usual bath. It is basically just going through the motions of getting your clean bath towels ready for after the bath, preparing a tub of warm water that is comfortable to the touch, and readying your sitz soaks so you could mix them in the water when you are ready. Some people purchase a tub that’s specially made for sitz baths, but you could also just use your standard bathtub with some inches of water, enough to soak your private areas. However, if you could find a sitz tub, go for it.

For the measurement, you could begin with a tablespoon of sitz bath salts per gallon of water before gradually increasing it to two tablespoons. Lastly, a tip would be to prepare some form of entertainment like books and music so you could also relax your mind while indulging in a sitz bath. All in all, preparing a sitz bath is just you pouring and mixing our sitz bath salts into the water and relaxing for the rest of the time.

What Makes Sitz Baths Complicated?


better bath better body epsom satls

The truth is that drawing a sitz bath is simple, but it gets complicated for people who are not familiar with how it works, and if you do not know where to get the things that you need for a sitz bath. Most of the time, people would spend hours and days debating within themselves if a sitz bath is worth it, and then spending more time finding the perfect soaks that they think is good for them. 

Better Bath Better Body’s sitz soaks are guaranteed to have natural ingredients that are safe and are sure to make you feel relaxed. The pure essential oils are great for aromatherapy so your body and mind could also unwind. Having an understanding of what a sitz bath is and knowing where to get your sitz soaks are hurdles that are easy to overcome with Better Bath Better Body.

How To Choose Your Sitz Bath Soak

Choosing a sitz bath soak is probably the time-consuming part because Better Bath Better Body offers a wide collection that you cannot help but want to try everything. Luckily, there is a sitz soak for every mood and need so you could just select one based on how you are feeling at the moment. Here are our favorites: 

  1. Sitz Bath Salt Two Pack - This bundle contains two packs of our classic sitz bath salts. They come with natural essential oils that carry Juniper and Niaouli aromatherapy so could you really feel the tension in your body slowly leaving. This bundle is also a smart investment to have because you could keep one for your own and keep the other either as an extra, as a gift to your friends and loved ones, or as a carry-on if you are regularly traveling.

There is an option to have more than just two, so if you are looking for a sitz bath or the whole family or your entire friend list, you could also get a sitz bath bundle of three or four.

  1. Sitz Bundle Three Pack - If you cannot choose just one, the three-pack sitz bundle is here to save the day. It includes the Juniper and Niaouli aromatherapy sitz salts, a postpartum bath salt with geranium and lemon essential oils, and a special Lilliuma sea salt sitz soak.

The classic sitz bath soak and the postpartum sitz soak are made with UPS grade Epsom salt while the Lilliuma soak is made from Mediterranean sea salts. It is a bundle that covers your every need and could be shared with your friends as well.

Why Get Your Sitz Baths Online In Better Bath Better Body?

If you are going to relax, then you might as well make the most out of it by doing it in the comfort of your home. Shopping online is infinitely more convenient because you could save more time and free yourself from the pressure of having to choose as store staff and other customers wait for you to decide. You could stare at our online page for as long as you want and browse through our collection without any pressure with the added guarantee of receiving safe and high-quality products.

better bath better body epsom salts

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