Turn Your Regular Shower Into A Hotel Shower

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There’s just something refreshing about taking a shower in a swanky hotel. It’s crisp, clean, stylish, and feels like a bit of pampering even if you’re just going about your daily routine. Every shower can be a hotel shower when you put a little thought into your bathroom care. 

Clean And Minimalize 

The first steps to turning your shower into a hotel shower is to take all of those things you love about hotel showers and incorporate them into your own space. Hotel showers tend to be very clean, modern, and minimalized – giving you a space that feels like a simple personal spa. To replicate this in your own bathroom, first focus on the clutter, giving you that minimalist appeal. 

better bath better body epsom salts

To eliminate the clutter, make sure everything in your bathroom has its proper place. Shelving, cabinets, and closets give you space to tuck away those odds and ends that make your bathroom feel busy but keep everything organized so it’s available when you need it. Our bath salt blends come in BPA-free resealable bags that are easy and clean to store. 

With clean, clear, and shining surfaces you’re on your way to that hotel shower feel. Incorporate some wall art or interesting décor in your decluttered bathroom, giving it that style angle that hotel showers do so well. Using just these simple strategies, you’ll start to see the spa-like vibe start to emerge. Not sure how to find that style inspiration? A few ideas include: 

  1. Use earthy colors – Hotel bathrooms often use either sterile whites or soothing colors. Greens, blues, and other serene earth shades in your décor let you bring that mood right into your bathroom. 
  2. Welcome freshness – Fresh plants love the moisture and humidity in a bathroom, so they tend to really thrive in this environment. Choose a hardy houseplant and bring a little soothing nature into your bathroom experience. 
  3. Install stylish hooks – For your bathrobe, your towels, or even your Bluetooth speaker, a stylish hook can tie the little details of your room together. Not only do they bring style into the equation, but they’re also just as useful as they are beautiful.

A little decluttering, a little décor, and regular weekly deep cleans of your bathroom go a long way. This hits on all of the main atmospheric points so many love about the hotel experience, so you can have that fresh and adventurous feeling even in your own home. 

Onto The Pampering Shower 

better bath better body epsom salts

To take a “hotel shower” at home, you’ll want to really dig into the pampering aspect. Shower aromatherapy with shower melts is just that special something you’re looking for. These melts or tablets are exceptionally easy to use and they don’t cause any harm or extra work in your at-home hotel style shower. 

Melts for the shower are made with all natural ingredients, providing authentic aromatherapy that feels luxurious. The melts are made primarily of sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda, along with corn starch and various essential oils to create different blends. When the melts are placed in the shower, the warm water causes them to dissolve and send the essential oils into the air via steam. Melts dissolve completely, and they’re made with safe ingredients that won’t harm shower floors, drains, or plumbing systems. 

As the essential oils are carried into the air with the steam they’re inhaled by the person in the shower. Essential oils may include lemon, orange, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, or other soothing aromas to provide an experience that feels like a day spent in a luxurious spa. To use the tablets or melts, simply unwrap 1 or 2, place them on the shower floor out of the way of where you’ll be stepping, and enjoy the aromas as they melt throughout your shower. 

You may want to use a melt or tablet even if you’re not quite planning on getting into the shower. It’s understandable – the aromas are uplifting, inspiring, and relaxing at any time. To use a tablet without taking a shower you may place the tablets in the shower, turn on the hot water, and fill the room with steam. As you sit in the steamy hotel-style bathroom you can close your eyes, relax, and breathe deep the fragrant aromatherapeutic steam. Alternatively, you may also fill a bucket or basin with hot water, place a tablet or two in that water, and enjoy the steam from anywhere. 

Complete Your At-Home Spa Experience 

You don’t have to book airfare, pack your luggage, and jet off to an exotic location to get the hotel spa-like shower you really want. With a little crafty organization and décor, a few shower tablets, and the urge to relax, you’re already halfway there. 

To complete your at-home spa shower experience you might want to incorporate a couple more elements. First and foremost, fresh, clean, and warm fluffy towels will make you feel like royalty as you step out of your aromatherapy shower. Have them hanging on your stylish hooks or folded neatly on the closed toilet lid next to your tub. A fluffy bathrobe hanging up, ready for when you’re all dried off, is another perfect way to finish off your experience. Perhaps follow up your shower with a cooling face mask or facial, use a little music to set the mood, and give yourself some extra time to really enjoy the atmosphere you’ve created. 

better bath better body epsom salts



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