Sitz Bath, Foot Soak, Or Full Bath?

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Taking a bath is a versatile self-care ritual that doesn't require a significant time commitment. You're free to indulge in it however suits you best, without feeling obligated to dedicate an entire afternoon or evening.

In the realm of self-care, the possibilities are abundant.

Full Bath

The full bath is the most common type of bath and the one that folks will pamper themselves with most often. In a full bath, you fill the tub up all the way, submerge your entire body, and enjoy a complete soaking session for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or as long as you like.

Full baths come with their benefits, like having the ability to relax your entire body at once. Take the experience up a notch with our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak, an epsom salt soak infused with pure lavender essential oil.

While full baths allow you to relax and soothe your entire body, they do have some requirements that some may not be able to meet.

To take a full bath, you need a bathtub. You may also need to allocate extra time to fill it, soak in it, dry off, and then tidy up after. Moreover, individuals with limited mobility may encounter difficulties when entering and exiting the tub, making full baths less feasible for them.

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Foot Soak

A foot soak is a bath but for your feet. You may take it using a traditional bathtub or a soaking basin made specifically for foot soaks. When taking a foot soak in a traditional bath, fill the tub until the water covers the foot and ankle, and then sit on the tub ledge while the warm water comforts and soothes your feet.

The average foot bath takes about 10 to 15 minutes, after which drying off is simple. Rather than having to pat dry the entire body, you only need to dry the feet and ankles. Rinse the tub after you’re finished, and the foot bath is done.

Consider trying one of our epsom salt foot soaks at Better Bath Better Body. We have a ginger-and-cypress-infused Circulation Bath Soak and a lemon-and-peppermint-infused Detox Foot Soak.

Sitz Bath

Like a foot soak, you can use a standard bathtub or specialized sitz bath basin to take a sitz soak. The process involves filling your tub with a few inches of warm water and epsom salt then submerging your bottom.

If you’re using a sitz bath basin, affix it to the toilet bowl, sit on the basin for a few minutes, and feel the soothing comfort of warm water combined with epsom salt. Then simply empty the basin into the toilet once done.

To make your sitz soak easier, consider using our Sitz Bath Soak, which is made of pure epsom salt and essential oils of juniper, niaouli, geranium, lavender, and frankincense.

Which Bath Is Best For You?

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Not sure which type of bath you need at the moment? Keep reading.

Full Bath

A full bath is perfect for when you want to rejuvenate both body and mind. By immersing yourself in a full bath, you can focus on every part of your body, creating a luxurious self-care ritual that feels like a pampering session.

If you have some time to spare and crave the kind of deep relaxation that only a full bath can deliver, then it's the perfect choice for you. Simply select your preferred bath salts or soaks from our range of options at Better Bath Better Body, pick the blend that matches your mood, add roughly ½ to 1 full cup to your bath, and prepare to wash away your worries and tensions as you soak.

Foot Bath

After a long day, sometimes you just need that little pick-me-up, and this is when it will be perfect to take a foot bath. You can use a standard tub in your bathroom or a basin just about anywhere you wish.

You can even go outside on a nice day, fill up your foot-soaking basin with warm water, relax on an outdoor chair, and enjoy the breeze while your feet are soothed from the inside out.

Sitz Bath

If you spend all day sitting in an office, or perhaps you’ve been sitting for long periods during a trip, a sitz bath might be the refreshing experience you’re looking for. A sitz bath with epsom salt will target the exact areas that need attention the most, and you only need about 10 to 15 minutes to enjoy one.


Even if you can only spare 15 minutes in your day, there's always time for a comforting, soothing, and relaxing bath. Whether it's a full bath for a pampering self-care session, a foot soak to uplift you anytime and anywhere, or a sitz bath for simple rejuvenation without any mess, there's an option for everyone.

Enhance your experience with our all-natural epsom salt blends tailored for various baths at Better Bath Better Body, transforming any soak into your very own personal spa retreat.

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