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Sitz Bath For New Moms

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Delivering your bundle of joy is just the start of the journey. Once all the chaos and excitement of having your baby settles in, there’s the postpartum body changes to handle. One way to get relief is by getting soothing sitz baths.

How To Make A Sitz Bath

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“Sitz” is derived from a German word (sitzen) meaning “to sit.” A sitz bath involves sitting in hip-deep water in a specially designed bath seat. Doing so runs water in the area to help you soothe and relax.

You can have a sitz bath in either cold or warm water. Some people find warm sitz baths to be more relaxing, while others find greater relief in colder baths. New moms are free to decide on the best bath temperature for them.

Using Epsom Salt For A Sitz Bath Postpartum

While clean water is usually enough for a sitz bath, the experience is further enhanced by using Epsom salts and essential oils. The soothing benefits of an Epsom salt sitz bath help a lot of people deal with various levels of stress and challenging situations in everyday life.

Epsom salt baths can also be infused with essential oils. These are plant extracts that carry with them a host of all-natural relieving properties. These oils are popularly used for aromatherapy and meditation.

An Epsom salt soak with essential oils would of course be perfect for a sitz bath. A base of USP grade Epsom salt and pure essential oils would readily lend their benefits. This can be done more than once a day with 1/8 to 1/4 cup of Epsom salt for 10-20 minutes of a refreshing bath time.

    better bath better body epsom salt baths

    Better Bath Better Body has a line of specially blended bath soaks for the new mom. We have Sitz Bath Soak, which has juniper and niaouli essential oils. Juniper and niaouli make a perfect formula for mommy's well-being.

    Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak is a pampering sitz bath with geranium and lemon essential oils. Geranium essential oil offers a calming rose-like aroma. It boosts the Epsom salt sitz bath experience by relieving stress and improving one's mood. This blend is great for mom’s postpartum journey.

    One can be tempted to go for DIY soaks. Still, it’s best to use quality products using standard industry practices. Better Bath Better Body uses only 100% certified pure essential oils and high-quality, fine USP grade Epsom salt base. Each pack carries their commitment to improving lives one bath at a time.

    Be sure to check out our store to see the exciting selection of Epsom salt bath salts we have in stock. You'll surely find more than enough options to indulge yourself with a relaxing postpartum soak.


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