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New And Improved Pouches Now Available

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Today is a big day for Better Bath Better Body... We are happy to announce the roll-out of our brand new packaging! 

To celebrate this momentous occasion, you can enjoy 30% off EVERYTHING for the rest of May 2019 beginning today.  Just use coupon code “BETTERPOUCHES” at checkout and look for the 30% discount applied to your entire cart.  Plus, as always, you’ll enjoy free 2-day Fedex shipping anywhere in the continental USA.

What Makes Our New Pouches So Great?

We take great pride in our all-natural, high-quality, additive-free Bath Salts products.  We go the extra mile to ensure that every ingredient we use is carefully sourced to ensure the best results when you pour the product into your bath water and enjoy it at home.

And just as we’re always working to improve what goes inside our products, we put the same consideration into how our products are packaged for your enjoyment.

When we started Better Bath Better Body in 2015, we launched with very simple but quality packaging to keep costs down and allow for scale.  In the past few years, we made slight improvements along the way but knew it was time to take a leap forward with something totally new. 

We put a lot of thought into our new pouches.  We carefully considered the feedback from our customers and made every effort to create the best Bath Salts pouch possible. Here are the 5 ways we wanted to improve our pouches for you:

Here’s how we achieved all of our goals with the new, upgraded packaging...

New And Improved Aplix Press-Lock Seal

better bath better body new packaging

One of our top goals was to add a new & improved closure that would keep your bath salts safe & secure in storage — protected from the air and the elements — while also making it easy to open and close without hassle.

So we added a velcro-like closure made by Aplix.   

The Aplix closure is a major improvement over our previous double-zipper “zip lock” pouches.  Your bath salt granules will no longer get stuck in the closure area, and it’s so easy (and satisfying!) to press the “zipper” closed.  The sensory experience is very intuitive and a huge improvement over traditional “zipper” pouches that require you get the zipper lined up *just right* for it to actually close.

If you regularly purchase bath salts & products from other categories (like the food industry), you’ve likely noticed a variety of closure types on your pouches.  The Aplix system is far and away the very best available today.

Matte Finish For A Soft Touch

When you pick up a pouch, the material of the pouch itself is part of your experience with the product.  You’re going to love the soft, luxurious touch-and-feel of our new matte pouches.  This, along with the new easy press-lock seal, makes for a great packaging experience.

100% Certified BPA Free

bath salts BPA free packaging

How do you know for sure if packaging material is BPA free? Certification, that’s how.  

When we created our new pouches, we wanted to be certain — with actual documented proof — that the packaging material was 100% BPA free beyond a shadow of a doubt.

BPA is short for “bisphenol A” which is a nasty chemical used in the packaging industry for decades, mostly in plastics.  There’s enough evidence to show a link between BPA and health problems.  Without going into details, the short version is it’s bad for you and does not live up to our “Better Bath, Better Body” standards.  

BPA is slowly phasing-out, especially in the food products world.  But, in our humble opinion, cosmetics & bath products with BPA-free packaging should be prioritized too.

When we created our new packaging, we decided to obtain the necessary documentation to make our packaging officially BPA free.

Printed Color Designs With Transparent Areas

We also added color, flair, and design work to our pouches for a sharper “retail-ready” look as we begin preparing for distribution to offline retail stores.

Despite the upgraded design and new package labeling designs too, we maintained transparency areas on the packaging so you can still see the beautiful bath salts inside. 

Available Now On Our Website

You can purchase our products easily through our website or other online retailers like and (for you Canadians out there).  As of this writing (May 2019) we’re slowly rolling out the new packaging to all of our online marketplaces and expect that roll-out to be complete by July 2019.  

If you’re ready to get your hands on our new pouches, purchase direct from our website where all of our in-stock & available inventory is already available in the new packaging.

And for the rest of May 2019 via our website only, you can enjoy a special 30% off discount to celebrate the launch of our new pouches... enjoy!

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