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Surprising Effects Of Bad Breathing

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Surprising Effects Of Bad BreathingEven though we’ve been breathing since the day we were born, most of us still get it wrong.

Yes, even if we take an average of 20,000 breaths a day, many don’t breathe properly. Many people don’t realize that bad breathing can cause problems in the body. Breathing supplies our body with oxygen, which is essential in life. You can just imagine all the wrong things that can happen in the body when it isn’t getting the oxygen it needs.

So, what are the bad effects of breathing wrong? Here are some of the things you could experience:

  • Causes Bad Breath
  • When you are not breathing properly through your nose, you are likely breathing through your mouth, and this causes bad breath. Breathing through the mouth leaves the mouth dry. This means that saliva cannot wash bacteria and other bad stuff from the mouth. Aside from bath breath, this can also lead to other problems such as gingivitis, cavities, and even lung infection.

  • Decreases Lung Function
  • We all know the role of the lungs in keeping us strong. With proper breathing, the gas exchange in the lungs happens in a more efficient way. This also means that oxygen is able to enter the red cells in the blood more efficiently.  More oxygen in the blood allows your body to function better

  • Fatigue And Exhaustion
  • Surprising Effects Of Bad BreathingFeeling tired all the time? You might be suffering from low body oxygen because of bad breathing. The simplest solution to this is to change your breathing patterns. You can try simple breathing exercises that can help provide the body with more energy. You can also try practicing breathing patterns that can help improve your breathing.

  • Bad Skin From Lack Of Oxygen
  • Having a bad skin is one of the signs of poor oxygen supply. In fact, breathing is considered as one of the most overlooked factors in acne.

  • You’ll Feel More Stressed Out                   
  • Feeling a bit foggy or stressed out? Try breathing better. When you are not getting enough oxygen, your ability to think and to make judgements are impaired. When you find yourself in an overwhelming situation, take a deep breath. Pause and be more mindful about your breathing patterns.

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