The Many Ways You Can Use Pure Epsom Salt

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pure epsom salt


Epsom salt is a versatile ingredient to mix up with nourishing and essential oils in soaks and scrubs, but what about pure epsom salt? While epsom salt is an ingredient, it’s also a standalone product anyone can enjoy as part of their daily routine. 

Pure Epsom Salt 

While epsom salt can be used in the garden, in animal care, and in keeping the home clean and tidy, focusing on the shower alone gives a great foundation of all of the different ways epsom salt can be used in personal care. Some of the most beneficial ways you can use pure epsom salt in your everyday shower routine are: 

  • Epsom salt for beautiful hair – There isn’t a person around who doesn’t appreciate the feeling you get from a great hair day. Epsom salt is a secret weapon many don’t even consider. Rather than investing serious money into volumizers, texture powders, serums, and pastes, epsom salt is one product that has the power to do it all. 

When added to shampoo, epsom salt with no additives creates a scalp exfoliant that can be used gently with every wash. When scrubbing the scalp, the epsom salt will work to break down buildup, remove dead skin cells, and clarify the hair from root to tip. The result is fresh hair that’s not being bogged down by impure ingredients or the stuck-on products of yesterday.

For those with sleek hair that tends to get oil buildup, you get to enjoy hair with more body, manageability, and ease of styling. For those with dry or textured hair, epsom salt can help to increase definition while calming frizz. 

  • Your shaving companion – Summertime is shaving season, and frequent shaving of the legs or other parts of the body can result in dull, tired, or overworked looking skin. Exfoliation before shaving is an excellent way to refresh the skin and ensure you’re getting the brightest and most beautiful look no matter what. Before a shave, a small handful of no-additive epsom salt rubbed onto the legs in gentle circular motions helps to provide a closer shave experience while leaving the skin looking vibrant and feeling soft. 
  • Two-minute in-shower pedicure – Running to a pedicurist isn’t always convenient. You can keep your feet looking and feeling their best in between appointments with quick two-minute in-shower pedicures. While in the shower, rub the feet with additive-free epsom salt, focusing on areas that tend to have dry skin buildup. After you’re through in the shower, rub your feet with a nourishing lotion or cream for a super-fast routine that lengthens the effect of any professional pedicure. 

Additive-Free Epsom Salt

Additive-free epsom salt doesn’t alter the scent or the nourishing properties of any product its added to. It can be an ingredient itself enhancing a shampoo, conditioner, or body wash, or it can be a standalone product used for the simplest exfoliation.

Pure epsom salt, whether you have a standard bath or not, has its place in any bathroom.  Click here to order your epsom salt supply today.

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