5 Epsom Salt Bath Benefits You Can Enjoy At Home

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epsom salt bath benefits

Full relaxation, the kind of relaxation that reaches your mind, body, and soul, doesn’t require an appointment at the spa. Epsom salt bath benefits are numerous, and they can all be enjoyed right in your own home and at your own time. 

The Benefits You Enjoy In An Epsom Salt Bath 

While favorite benefits may differ from person to person, there are some that are cited as key reasons to take an epsom salt bath across the board.

Here are 5 epsom salt bath benefits you can enjoy right in the comfort of your own home: 

  1. Experience immediate relaxation – It’s easy to let a stressful day get ahead of you. Before you know it, you’re returning home after a busy day and you simply can’t get those stressed out feelings to go away. This is where the benefits of an epsom salt bath come in. A relaxation focused epsom salt blend like Deep Relaxation with lavender aromatherapy wraps you up in the all-natural soothing aromas, pushing the stressed feelings out and providing immediate soothing. 
  2. Reward yourself with soothing comfort – Hard work deserves a reward. A bath with epsom salt is the kind of reward you can feel good about as you lay back, enjoy the warm water and comforting aroma, and think back on your accomplishments. Muscle Soak is a blend made for this kind of bath. USP grade epsom salt and skin nourishing oils are met with essential oils of clean eucalyptus and peppermint, clarifying and soothing all at once. 
  3. A spa day at home – Your epsom salt and aromatherapy enjoyment doesn’t have to stop at the bath. Using your favorite soaking blend, you can exfoliate the skin and include a little extra pampering for a full spa experience. While the skin is soft during your soak, take a small palm full of your favorite blend and rub in gentle circular motions across the skin. The salt brushes away rough and dead skin cells, revealing renewed and soft skin underneath. 
  4. Give yourself a warm, comforting hug – There are days when we could all use a little comforting for one reason or another. Aromatherapy epsom salts can take your bath and turn it into the cozy experience you need. Turmeric Bath Soak uses the comforting aromas of all-natural turmeric, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, orange, and grapefruit to comfort and soothe through every minute of your bath. 
  5. A relaxing wake-up call – Who wouldn’t want to wake up with a clean slate? Bath soaks come in all types, and while you have the comforting blends, the relaxing blends, and the soothing blends, you can’t forget the invigorating blends. A morning bath with the aromas of zesty ginger and bright lemon can be found with Detox Bath Soak, formulated to wake you up just right. 

Shop Soaks Now

You can customize the epsom bath salt benefits you experience by simply changing the blend you use in your bath. With each new day comes a new mood, and for every mood there is a soak to give you just the feelings you’re looking for. 

Shop soaks now to enjoy these benefits and get the relaxation you deserve.

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