Top 3 Sitz Bath Benefits You Can Enjoy

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sitz bath benefits

You can take a sitz bath and enjoy its relaxing benefits whenever you feel discomfort around your hip. In simple terms, it is a shallow bath of warm water with dissolved epsom salt or other kinds of bath salts.

You can use to soak your private regions when you feel any discomfort and need soothing relief.


If, for some reason, you are not allowed to bathe or shower, then a sitz bath is a great alternative so you can keep clean. A sitz bath gently cleanses the area between the genitals and anus and helps improve hygiene.

Hemorrhoid Soothing

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Hemorrhoids can increase anal pressure, but a sitz bath can help relieve this discomfort. A sitz bath once or a couple of times daily cleans, soothes, and relaxes you. Sitz baths are known to offer hemorrhoid soothing benefits.


Sitz baths help relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing while allowing your body and muscles to relax. The warm water of a sitz bath can help improve blood flow to the hip area, which can relax the muscles around the anus, allowing you to experience some much needed comfort and relaxation.

How To Make A Sitz Bath

Now that you know the more common sitz bath benefits, let’s look at how to make one and which salts you can use.

  • Step One: Make sure the sitz bath you use is clean. You can use a special sitz tub or a regular bath tub.
  • Step Two: Pour warm water into the shallow sitz bath, leaving about a third of it empty so it doesn’t overflow when you sit on it. The water should be comfortable and warm and not too hot
  • Step Three: Mix in the epsom salts you want to use during your sitz bath. Use one tablespoon of your sitz soak per gallon of water and then gradually increase this to two tablespoons per gallon as you get used to the sitz bath
  • Step Four: Sit on the sitz bath comfortably for at least ten to fifteen minutes. When done, dry off and pour out the water
  • Step Five: Clean the sitz bath thoroughly after each use

You can repeat this process up to three times daily for relaxation, hemorrhoid soothing relief, and cleansing.

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Choosing Your Sitz Soak

Better Bath Better Body offers a range of sitz soak options to choose from that are sure to meet your individual needs. If you are new to using a sitz bath, we offer a sitz tub bundle that includes everything you need to get started. Not only do you get a two-pound bag of sitz soak bath salt, but you also get a foldable sitz tub and bag to store it in.

All our sitz soaks are made with high-quality natural ingredients, including pure Epsom salt and pure essential oils. There are no added chemicals or artificial fragrances. They also include the addition of pure Vitamin C crystals that help neutralize chlorine and ammonia that may be in your water, allowing for a safe, comfortable, and relaxing sitz bath.

So, whether you are postpartum, have hemorrhoids, are seeking relief, or just want something cleansing and relaxing, a sitz bath with any of our premium Epsom salts is just what you need.

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