Wholesale Epsom Salt Now Available

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bulk epsom salt

Are you looking for cheap epsom salt? Buy epsom salt in bulk to enjoy huge savings.

Bulk Epsom Salt Available Here

epsom salt bath soak

We now offer epsom salt in various packaging sizes for personal or business use: 5 lbs, 50 lbs. You can even order by the pallet if you need epsom salt for your business.

Click here to order 5 lbs USP epsom salt. Toggle down the options to order the 50 lbs epsom salt bag.

If you would like to order larger quantities for your business, click here. These epsom salt variants do not contain any additives, so it's safe to store in a cool and dry place for a long time.

If you need epsom salt bulk products with 100% pure essential oils, click here to order your favorite aromatherapy bath soak now.

USP Grade Epsom Salt For Baths

epsom salt foot soak

Epsom salt is a multipurpose product. USP Grade epsom salt is excellent for bath soaks and foot soaks. It is widely used in sensory deprivation tanks or float pods, also known as float therapy spas.

Use Better Bath Better Body products at home or share if with your friends and family as a gift. They are great for self-care and relaxation.

You can also order epsom salt for gardening. It is widely accepted as a gardener's friend. Epsom salt offers a lot of benefits.

Benefits Of Buying Bulk Epsom Salt

One of the main advantages of buying epsom salt in bulk is lower cost. You can enjoy savings when buying bulk salts. And you can also catch many of our special offers for greater discounts.

It is also convenient to have enough stocks on hand to meet any demand. One knows that from time to time surprise demands would come up. Prepare for every eventuality by having enough stocks.

If you buy epsom salt in bulk,  you can also be kinder to the environment, as you'll use less packaging.

Does Epsom Salt Expire?

epsom salt bulk

We deliver quality epsom salt and bath products. Further, we also provide excellent customer service and ensure efficient delivery. You can store plain epsom salt without oils or additives for a really long time. Use our Contact Us page if you need more information.

When distributing allocations of your bulk epsom salt, you can use glass jars, pet plastic bottles, and even zip-lock bags. Ensure that they are airtight and place them in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Check your product's packaging for the expiration date. It is best to consume your plain epsom salt before then. However, as long as your epsom salt is kept dry and does not contain additives, your epsom salt will remain good for a couple of years from purchase date.

Epsom Salt Fine Grain, Coarse Grain

For personal use, the best epsom salt quality comes in USP grade fine grain size. Click here to order 5 lbs USP epsom salt

We also offer epsom salt and sea salt in coarse grain variants. Complete the form here if you need more information.

In Conclusion: Bulk Epsom Salt is Cheaper

In conclusion, you can save big on bulk epsom salt wholesale orders. You'll never run out, so you always have it when you need it. You can also cut packaging waste to help save the environment.

Get only USP grade epsom salt from BetterBathBetterBody.com to ensure premium quality. Learn more about our products here.

bulk epsom salt

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