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The Ultimate Sitz Bath Guide

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better bath better body epsom saltsSitz baths have been a popular go-to for people for hundreds of years. It’s designed to help cleanse and soothe pain, itching, and other similar discomforts in the area around your private parts. This type of hydrotherapy is convenient and only takes a few minutes. Read on for more information about sitz baths, the best sitz bath salt to use, and tips for preparing a soothing sitz bath soak.

What Is A Sitz Bath?

A sitz bath is a warm soak specifically for your bottom area. A sitz bath is made with water and a soothing salt, such as mineral bath salts (Epsom salt also known as magnesium sulfate) or sea salts. A sitz bath helps soothe the skin, increase blood flow to encourage muscle relaxation, cleanses, and encourages healing.

Because of its soothing benefits, sitz baths are popular among people of all ages. Sitz baths are also a great addition to self-care routines for new moms. People who recently underwent surgery in the lower area also benefit from sitz baths’ soothing benefits. However, if you’re a sensitive case, be sure to ask your doctor if a sitz bath with either mineral salts like Epsom salt or sea salt is good for you.

How To Prepare A Sitz Bath

Preparing a sitz bath is easy. You may use a full size bath tub. If you don’t have a bath tub, you can still have a sitz bath. You just need a sitz bath bowl, which is a small basin that is placed over a toilet. You will find over the toilet sitz bath on Amazon or other shops. Or, you may just use a basin where you can sit for a soak.

How To Draw A Sitz Bath:

  1. Prepare your basin or bathtub. Make sure it is clean.
  2. Pour in warm water onto the basin or bathtub. Make sure it is comfortable to your touch. 
  3. To prepare the sitz bath solution, gently mix in 1 tablespoon of sitz bath salt per gallon of water. Gradually increase up to 2 tablespoons per gallon of water.

Note: if you are using and filling a full-sized tub, use about ½ cup to 1 cup of bath salt.

  1. Prepare extra warm water near you so you can replenish the solution when it gets cold. Most sitz bath bowls have holes on the side to let excess water out. If you’re using a basin, do this manually.

Getting In And Out Of Your Sitz Bath

Immediately after preparing the sitz bath, sit comfortably in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. If you have a specific condition, consult with your doctor regarding how long your sitz baths should take. Once you’re done, get up from the sitz bath carefully. Then, gently pat yourself to dry. 

Be sure to clean your sitz bath bowl, basin, or bathtub with soap and water after each use.

How Often Should You Take A Sitz Bath?

You can take a sitz bath once a day or up to 3 times a day. However, your doctor may recommend more sitz baths depending on your condition.

Epsom Salt Or Sea Salts For Your Sitz Bath

Bath salts are known for their soothing and relaxing benefits. For this reason, they are great for sitz baths. There are two main types of bath salts you can choose from for your sitz bath: Epsom salt (mineral salt known as Magnesium Sulfate) and sea salts.

sitz bath soak epsom salt

Both sea salt bath soaks and Epsom salt baths offer great soothing benefits. At Better Bath Better Body, we offer bath soak products that contain various types of bath salts.

Epsom salt is naturally occurring Magnesium Sulfate. Although it is called salt, Epsom salt is not exactly sea salt, and it’s definitely not meant to add flavor to food. However, Epsom salt is excellent for a relaxing and soothing bath soak.


Enjoy your sitz bath soaks with Better Bath Better Body Sitz Bath Salt. Or try the Lilliuma Sitz Bath Soak, which contains Mediterranean Sea Salt. We also have the ancienSea Sitz Bath Soak which contains a blend of Epsom salt and sea salts. 


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