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Top Benefits Of Mandarin Essential Oil

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Mandarins are citrus fruits similar to tangerines and blood oranges. As their name suggests, mandarins are native to China, but they are now widely available in different parts of the world. Mandarin peelings contain limonene, citronellal, myrcene, and other substances that are good for your body. 

Mandarin essential oil can help you enjoy the benefits that this wonderful fruit offers. Read on to discover what some of them are.

Can Help You Stay Calm And Relaxed

Mandarin essential oil is popular for helping calm the mind and body. It can also help induce sleepiness and increase sleep duration.

Provides Relief 

Mandarin essential oil has a relaxing scent that can help alleviate discomfort and wake up your senses.

Helps Delay Symptoms Of Aging 

This essential oil can help prevent visible signs of aging. It is just what you need to look and feel young again.

Mandarin: One Of The Best Oils For Bath

Energize Bath Soak

By trying Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom salt products, you will understand why so many people love using mandarin essential oil in the bath. Epsom salt is made from magnesium and sulfate, and this all-natural remedy offers a number of health and beauty benefits.

We have a special Energize Bath Soak with orange peel oil, grapefruit peel oil, lemon peel oil, and mandarin orange peel oil. This unique blend can help rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit when you use it for a muscle soak.

Epsom Salt Blog

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