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What Is A Sitz Bath?

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What Is A Sitz Bath?From hemorrhoids to postpartum recovery, a sitz bath is an all-natural remedy known to provide relief from pain, itching and inflammation. Essentially, it is a warm and shallow bath that can be performed on the bathtub or a basin on top of a toilet. Even if you do not have a problem with your bottom, it is good practice to include it in your personal grooming routine.

Ever wondered about the healing powers of a sitz bath? Here are the things you need to know.

Sitz Bath For Postpartum Recovery

More often than not, mothers often forget to take care of themselves after giving birth. This old fashioned remedy is a great way to provide relief to the swelling and discomfort that usually comes as part of the birth process.

While most births often go well, minor grazing or tearing cannot be completely avoided. Plus the added pressure and weight also contribute to a sore bottom. A warm sitz bath is exactly what you need to reduce swelling and promote healing.

Sitz Bath For Hemorrhoids

In a nutshell, hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum and anus. There are various causes of hemorrhoids such as straining during bowel movements, aging, heavy lifting, diarrhea, and more.

Some of the most common symptoms are lumps in the anal region and soreness in the same area. If you feel that you might have hemorrhoids, it is best to get in touch with your trusted doctor for a complete assessment.

Epsom Salt For Relief

What Is A Sitz Bath?The warm and soothing water used in the Epsom salt bath will surely provide relief. But the healing properties of Epsom salt will also help in providing relief.

Epsom salt can help increase blood flow, relieve pain, and promote relaxation. It can be added to your regular bath water or to your sitz bath.

The Sitz Bath Soak by Better Bath Better Body is meant to help provide relief to hemorrhoids. It also contains Geranium, Lavender, Frankincense, and Niaouli essential oils that can help you enjoy aromatherapy benefits. It can be safely used for a sitz bath or a standard-sized tub. It’s the perfect relief for hemorrhoid itching, burning, and swelling.

Learn more about this all-natural blend here.

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