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Sitz Bath With Epsom Salt For Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids mean one thing: discomfort. They may remain unnoticed or can show up all of a sudden. No one wants to deal with them, but they won’t go away on their own. Sitz baths have become popularly known as a soothing solution for anyone dealing with hemorrhoids, so you should consider having one if you’re faced with the issue.

A sitz bath involves sitting in shallow bath water for a therapeutic soak. The idea is to allow warm or cold water to rinse the affected areas. Sitz baths can be done in the tub or in special seats that can fit over the toilet.

You can make your sitz bath more relaxing by using Epsom salt for hemorrhoids. Epsom salt has been used as a staple in bath soaks due to the benefits it offers. Here are a couple of reasons why Epsom salt would be perfect for your next sitz bath.

Epsom Sitz Salt Naturally Soothes

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Epsom salt has a natural soothing effect that will allow you to be calm and at peace. Just make sure to use USP-grade pure Epsom salt such as Better Bath Better Body’s Sitz Bath Soak. Going for low-quality products will do you more harm than good, even if you can get them at lower prices. 

Sitz baths usually last 10-15 minutes. During that time, you can browse social media, read a magazine, listen to comforting music, or meditate. You’ll be done before you know it.

Sitz Bath Epsom Salt Works Well With Essential Oils

The exciting thing about a sitz bath is that it readily lends itself to alternative therapy. Your bath sessions can be jazzed up by a combination of essential oils and Epsom salt. It’s always best to use pure essential oils for this purpose so you can experience their maximum effect. However, if you can’t find essential oils or if you don’t know which ones to get, we have a wonderful solution for you.

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Better Bath Better Body’s Sitz Bath Soak is made from Epsom salt blended with juniper and niaouli essential oils. This gentle bath salt can be used by anyone, even women who have just given birth. However, we also have a sitz bath Epsom salt especially for new moms: the Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak. It has geranium and lemon essential oils that make for a rejuvenating sitz bath. Either product will bring you a refreshing experience every time.

Better Bath Better Body has a line of products for your everyday pampering needs. Make sure to check it out here. Our blends make wonderful gifts for the bath lover in your life.

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