What's Better Than Bath With Candles?

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Everyone has their own unique bath rituals, but when it comes to achieving the ultimate relaxation, a bath with candles would always be a favorite. The best part about taking baths in candlelight is that there are a plethora of ways to upgrade the experience. 

Whether or not you have already had the pleasure to try this wonderful experience, understanding its essence could help you enjoy it more. Let’s explore the whys and hows of candlelit baths. 

What Makes Candlelit Baths So Special?

better bath better body epsom salts

Some may wonder why this is such a huge deal as people put in the extra effort to find the perfect candles to go with their bathtime. However, it is not about focusing on the work you put into it, but rather about the satisfaction of doing something amazing for yourself.

Relaxing baths are usually a reward for many, especially after a busy and tiring day. Candlelights create a mellow atmosphere that lets your mind, body, and soul relax. It is a very different environment from the outside world where everything is fast-paced, noisy, and bustling with activity. Ultimately, bathing in candlelight is special because it makes you feel special, even if you have done all the preparations by yourself.

How To Prepare Your Own Special Bath?

There are only a few things you would need to get you started on your relaxing bath. First, you would want to get your favorite Better Bath Better Body bath soaks. These soaks have pure essential oils that are great for aromatherapy. Aside from that, the soaks are made with safe and natural ingredients. There are no harmful additives and other unknown substances that could, at times, be confusing with how they are written or spelled.

The goal of setting up a bath with our soaks is to make you feel at ease, and with the knowledge that you are using a safe and quality soak, your mind could also rest and focus on relaxing thoughts. If you are having a little difficulty in choosing what soak to use, the aromatherapy bundle is always a good choice.

Now that you have your bath salt, the next step is to get some candles. After all, it cannot be a candlelit bathtime without them! There are many different candles you could choose from. They can come in different colors, sizes, and even scents that could blend well with your aromatherapy bath soak. In the end, choose what makes you feel good, and then you are all set.

With the two main things already prepared, all that’s left is to prepare your bath and your setup. To use the soaks, just gently mix the salts with warm water that feels comfortable for you. If the water is too hot or too cold, adjust it accordingly so you can really enjoy a relaxing experience. For a full-size bathtub, you would need a half to a full cup of Epsom salts.

After preparing your bath, you could go ahead and dim the lights, position your candles in a safe spot, and light them up.

Add Your Own Twist

better bath better body epsom salts

There are more ways to make your bath extra special and that is by adding your own twist to it! After all, there is nothing like preparing a bath with your own personal touches to make it really feel like you are in your own world. Here are some other things you can do to make the most out of your bathtime.

  1. Play Slow And Relaxing Music - We know you want a break from the noise outside, but a very still and silent room could be a little jarring. Playing slow and relaxing music like the best jazz hits, some opera or theater music, and acoustic instrumentals in the background could complete the meditative atmosphere you are building. Music can also help you feel more at ease.
  1. Read Your Favorite Book - When was the last time you picked up your favorite book? Reading may be the last thing that comes to mind when thinking about what else you could do while enjoying a good soak, but trust that it is one of the best ideas out there. Thinking about nothing is not the only thing you can do to relax your mind. Reading stories, revisiting your favorite tales, or learning something new by reading motivational books is a good way to feel refreshed.
  1. Have Some Wine - Having some wine in your candlelit bath is a sure way to loosen up and feel luxurious. A glass or two could make your body feel relaxed. The gentle buzz from drinking wine also leaves a good feeling! This is definitely recommended especially after a long day and when the weekend is fast approaching.
  1. Flower Petals - Putting flower petals on your bath water is going to make you feel like royalty. When preparing baths, it is very important to set the mood and flower petals are one of the best mood setters out there. They could easily make the room look more intimate and romantic. Show yourself some love by adding flowers to your bath.
  1. Place Some Plants - Adding cute plants to your space has become a trend because it makes the place look livelier. Even in the dimness of the candlelight, your bathroom will still feel warm and homey. Filling out the empty spaces and corners with plants could make the space more welcoming, which helps greatly in achieving that inner peace.
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