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Why Can't You Sleep At Night?

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You should get the right amount of sleep at night if you want to feel productive and energetic the next day. Recent studies show that sleep is just as important as exercise and proper nutrition in maintaining one’s health.

If you can’t sleep at night, follow a daily routine and figure out what’s preventing you from getting a good night’s rest. Here are some of the things that are possibly causing your sleeping problems.

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You Have Caffeine In The Afternoon

Enjoying a second cup of joe in the afternoon is not as harmless as you think. Caffeine stays in your bloodstream much longer than you probably realize, so steer clear of coffee after lunch to avoid sleeping problems. Switch to drinking tea instead.

You Sleep On An Uncomfortable Bed

In addition to giving you back pain, the wrong kind of bed can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. It’s a good idea to change your mattress every 8 to 10 years and to take the time to figure out what kind of mattress works best for you.

You Think Too Much

Thinking about a work deadline or obsessing about a home improvement project just before bedtime is definitely not a good idea. You need to slow down and relax your mind when you are trying to sleep. Create a bedtime ritual that will help you calm down a few hours before going to bed. You can also try enjoying taking a warm bath or reading a light book.

You Have A Messy Room

It’s hard to sleep if there is a pile of books on your night table, clothes on the floor, and a huge mess all over your bedroom. A cluttered environment will make it difficult for you to relax, so tidy things up before you hit the sack.

Relax Before Bedtime With The Best Natural Bath Salts

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A 20-minute muscle soak can help you feel at ease before going to bed. When you are relaxed, it will be much easier for you to have a deep and restful slumber.

Try adding Epsom salt to your bath water for a more amazing experience. Made from magnesium and sulfate, this all-natural remedy is known to soothe the mind and body in a matter of minutes.

Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom salt bath products are enhanced with pure essential oils that offer aromatherapy benefits. We have a special Sleepy Time Bath Soak designed to induce a state of tranquility. It is enhanced with blue tansy essential oil, ylang-ylang essential oil, and orange essential oil to help you have sweet dreams every single night.

We also have other blends that can help you relax. Shop for Epsom salt online here.

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