What Are The Causes Of Dry Skin?

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In most cases, dry skin is a temporary condition that does not pose a serious health threat. Anybody can develop dry skin, but it is more common among people in their 40s who live in dry and low-humidity areas.

It is important to figure out the causes of dry skin if you want to fight the problem. As always, make sure to check with your doctor if you experience any kind of complications.

Here are some of the top causes of dry skin.


You are more likely to have dry skin during the winter. The cold weather may cause irritation while the lack of humidity may cause loss of moisture. This will likely leave your skin feeling dry and flaky. In addition to religiously applying moisturizer, it is important to wear clothing that will help protect you from the harsh elements.

Wrong Bath Products

Choosing bath products that don’t suit you can cause damage to your skin. Use gentle soaps that will keep your skin moist. Stay away from deodorant soaps because they are known to strip skin of natural oils, leaving your skin even drier. You should also choose your detergent and fabric conditioner wisely because some brands contain harsh ingredients.


You can get dry skin from mom and dad too. If dry skin runs in the family, you should work on creating a skincare routine that will help prevent or minimize the problem. Also, choose skincare products that can help build and reinforce your skin’s barrier.


Water is generally harmless, but if your tap water is rich in minerals like magnesium, lead, and zinc, those can cause dryness. You can invest in a home filtration system that will help reduce the mineral content of the water.

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Are you using medication to treat your acne? Retinol, benzoyl peroxide, and other similar products can dry out your skin. It is best to ask your doctor for alternatives. You may be asked to reduce the frequency of use or switch to a milder option.

Try The Best Essential Oils In Bath To Help Moisturize Your Skin

Dry Skin Bath Salt

You can use Epsom salt in your bath to help moisturize your skin the all-natural way. Made from magnesium and sulfate, Epsom salt is a natural exfoliant. Plus, it can be easily added to ordinary bath water to create a spa-like experience.

Try Better Bath Better Body’s Dry Skin Bath Soak. This blend is enhanced with lavender, ylang-ylang, lemon, and geranium essential oils to soothe your skin. Just have a muscle soak in the tub for 20 minutes to enjoy the benefits.

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