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Your Epsom Salt Bath Soak Checklist

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More and more people are looking for natural ingredients in personal care products and are making them a priority. Knowing where to buy bath salts with all-natural ingredients for a soothing experience will help you achieve the true relaxation you’re looking for.

Why Buy Bath Salts With Natural Ingredients?

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Many don’t realize this, but each time you soak your skin or apply a product to it, you’re exposing a very important organ to different ingredients. Since your skin is naturally occurring, it usually functions best when combined with other natural substances.

Natural ingredients also provide a more authentic experience. Smelling a freshly cut orange and smelling a synthetic orange scent is going to provide very different experiences.

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The synthetic perfume may be too sweet, tart, cloying, or overwhelming. The fresh orange, however, is going to give you just that –– a pure orange smell. The intensity, sweetness, brightness, and authenticity will be perfect; nothing “too much” or “off.”

With all-natural essential oils in bath products, you’re getting the same experience as you would with that orange. There is no difference in interpretation when it comes to the fragrances used, and it’s only the real thing you’re exposing yourself to.

You can rely on the lavender smelling like lavender, and you also get the aromatherapeutic benefits that come along with these natural elements.

Synthetic fragrances are also known to cause discomfort for some. This could be due to the chemicals used to create these synthetic scents or poorly balanced fragrance blends.

During a bath or home spa ritual, the focus should be on relaxation, refreshment, and soothing –– not discomfort due to synthetic fragrance exposure. Pure essential oils from nature are less likely to take away from your relaxing experience.

Ingredients To Look For In A Natural Soak

If you’re unsure of what to look for in a natural soak, there are two very important ingredients to remember:

  • USP Grade Epsom Salt – Not all salts are created equal. If your soak is made of epsom salt, make sure the salt is clearly labeled USP Grade. This grade is a certification from the United States Pharmacopeia, an organization setting standards for personal care products for nearly 200 years.
    This label means that the epsom salt has been verified safe and authentic, which is the only type of epsom salt that should be welcome in your bath.
  • All-Natural And Phthalate-Free Essential Oils – There is a big difference between “fragrance” and all-natural essential oils on an ingredient list. Fragrance can be a catch-all for any number of chemicals used to create a synthetic aroma, so you’re never quite sure exactly what is going on in your bath.
    Pure essential oils, however, let you know exactly what is going into the aroma of the soak. These are derived from nature and come from true plants to create the most authentic aromas.

Finding Your Aromatherapy Match

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Aromatherapy with pure essential oils can invoke different feelings. Some aromas may be better for upliftment and energy, while others bring those warm and cozy like-a-hug sensations you long for after a long day.

Finding your aromatherapy match can be as simple as finding a single blend you love, but it’s also a lot of fun to seek out different combinations that match different moods. At Better Bath Better Body, we have a range of natural soaks that work well with different moods such as:

  • Reinvigorated – If you’re taking a midday break and you want to soothe the events of the morning while uplifting for the afternoon, our Detox Bath Soak is an excellent blend.
    It is made of pure epsom salt and essential oils of bright, zesty, and uplifting lemon alongside warm and cozy ginger. Ginger provides the soothing that washes away any morning stresses, while lemon steps in to make sure you’re equipped to push through the rest of the day.
  • Relaxed – A pre-bedtime bath is a ritual many love. When taking a bath before bed, the best kind of bath is one that focuses on complete relaxation.
    This can help you to drift off to sleep quickly and peacefully, leaving behind all of the stresses of the day. Our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak is a simple but highly effective natural blend that has high-quality epsom salt and simple lavender essential oil to provide feelings of powerful soothing.
  • Cozy – After coming in from the cold, a cozy bath can warm you from the inside out. Our Pumpkin Spice Bath Soak is a seasonal cozy blend that envelops you in all of the scents of the season.
    This epsom salt bath soak uses natural phthalate-free pumpkin essential oil and cinnamon essential oil to provide an earthy and warming experience with every soak.
  • Motivated – Whether it’s to break a personal record in the gym or go headfirst into a challenging day, everyone can use a little motivation every once in a while. A good aromatherapeutic soak can provide that feeling and our Athlete Bath Soak is a prime example.
    It is infused with essential oils of fresh eucalyptus, outdoorsy pine, clean peppermint, and soothing lavender. The eucalyptus and peppermint refresh and cleanse, while outdoorsy pine gives a burst of fresh air, and lavender keeps everything grounded as one.

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, you can buy bath salts now for personal use or gift-giving. Place an order online today.

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