The Benefits Of Early Morning Epsom Salt Baths

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People have their own morning rituals to kickstart their day. It usually involves a nice cup of coffee or tea. But if you really want a way to feel fresh, awake, and energized, you’ll love early morning epsom salt baths. 

The Relaxing Benefits Of A Morning Bath

Relaxing baths certainly give you another reason to love waking up in the mornings. Here’s why: it lets you start the day free from any stress. Soaking in a warm bath with natural ingredients can easily create a positive impact on your mood.

At Better Bath Better Body, we take the morning bath experience to a whole new level by formulating soaks with USP Grade Epsom Salt, 100% pure essential oils, and Vitamin C crystals! We are bath lovers, too, so we know what it means to soak in naturally soothing ingredients. 

Without the burden of tensed muscles, negative thoughts, and a sluggish feeling, you can jump right into being productive and getting your errands done. Relaxing baths can drown away the tiredness in your bones and soul, leaving you rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. Claim the energy you’ll need to be productive and creative.

Preparing Your Morning Bath

  1. Fill Your Tub With Warm Water. Fill your tub with warm water and adjust the temperature until it is comfortable to your touch. It is important that its temperature is just right for your skin, warm enough to dissolve the salts but not too hot that you risk getting hurt. 
  1. Use Better Bath Better Body Epsom Salt Bath Soaks With Essential Oils. It would be nice to have a couple of options just to add some more thrill to your bath rituals. Some days, you may go with lavender, and on other days, it’s turmeric. Choose the best aromatherapy blend that suits you the best. [Shop here.]

If you want a powerful start, the Chakras Bath Soak is what you need. It has the aromas of ylang-ylang, jojoba seed, and sandalwood pure essential oils that deliver a grounding but energizing effect. It is the push that you need to face another challenging day as it restores your balance and positivity. 

  1. Let The Sunlight In. If you have bathroom windows that welcome the morning sun, let the sunlight in! Morning sunshine has a warm glow that can help set the mood. Brightening up your bath time with natural light helps in making you feel lighter and more positive. A relaxing environment enhanced by refreshing natural aromatherapy from pure essential oils is an excellent mood booster.
  1. Play Energizing Music. Playing happy and energizing tunes in the morning completes the list for setting up the perfect rejuvenating morning bath. Play music that could make you do a little happy dance even with your eyes closed and your body deep in your bath soak. It works to steal your mind away from stressful thoughts.  

Develop A Healthy Morning Routine

Get used to early mornings with relaxing epsom salt baths. You will find yourself wanting to indulge in it every morning. The relaxing benefits can be felt not only during bathtime but the positive energy and vibes carry throughout the whole day. 


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