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Lilliuma Boundless Bath Salt

SOOTHES DRY SKIN - The Lilliuma Boundless Bath Salt product contains Organic Virgin Coconut Oil that has been known to help heal and soothe dry skin. Best used in warm baths which helps open up your pores and this helps increase the absorption of the coconut oil.

DRAW OUT TOXINS IN THE BODY - Organic Lavender Oil helps rid your body of toxins and also helps in lowering stress-related hormones. This special formulation helps balancing pH levels in your skin and help with blood circulation.

BOOSTS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - The Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil in the mix helps relieve anxiety and is also known to relieve muscle and joint pain.

HELPS WITH MUSCLE PAIN - The Lilliuma Boundless Bath Salt product also contains 100% Organic Chamomile German Essential Oil which is known to help with migraine and muscle pain. It also has astringent properties that helps with unclogging your pores.