3 Rejuvenating Bath Soaks For Soothing The Body

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Massages, physical therapy, and medications work pretty well with relieving sore muscles. However, we all know these methods either take too much of our time or don’t come cheap. Bath soaks, however, can serve as a relatively quick and cost-efficient way to help soothe sore muscles. Here are three relaxing bath soaks you can use and customize for your varying needs. 

For The Fitness Buff

Athletes and fitness junkies alike are well-aware of the soothing and muscle-reviving properties of a good bath soak. Warm baths are known to provide relief and relaxation to tired muscles, while, cold (ice) baths help reduce inflammation and speed up recovery time. Whichever you prefer, Epsom bath salts complement both methods. Choose a bath soak enriched with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils to enhance the soothing benefits of your recovery bath. We highly recommend Better Bath Better Body’s Muscle Soak for this purpose.

For warm baths, mix in a generous amount of Epsom bath salts into a tub of hot water. Allow the water to cool down to your liking before hopping in the tub. For cold baths, mix in your preferred amount of Epsom bath salt into a basin of warm water, allow the salts to dissolve first, and mix the solution into your ice bath once the water has cooled down to room temperature. 

For Tired Feet

Most of us suffer from aching feet every once in a while, whether it’s from a job that requires us to stand most of the day, or from a tiring commute going to work or school. Help your feet recover with a relaxing foot soak enhanced with soothing essential oils like ginger and cypress. We highly recommend Better Bath Better Body’s Circulation Foot Soak to get the job done. This spicy yet relaxing mix works wonders for tired feet and can be enhanced with your favorite blend of other essential oils.

To create your relaxing home foot spa, mix in a scoop of Epsom bath salt into a basin of warm water. Place smooth stones on the bottom of the basin to give yourself a satisfying foot massage while you soak.

For A Calm State Of Mind

To keep ourselves balanced and calm, we all need to take time to de-stress and unwind. Too much stress can often cause tightness and back pain, which can be relieved with warm bath soaks at least once a week. Essential oils such as lavender and peppermint are known to soothe and relax the senses and are perfectly complemented by Epsom bath salt. For the perfect de-stress soak, we highly recommend Better Bath Better Body’s Back Soothing Bath Salt. 

Create your soothing bath soak by mixing in a generous amount of Epsom bath salt into a tub of hot water. While waiting for the water to cool down to your liking, feel free to add in extra drops of your favorite essential oils or even dried lavender flowers for an indulgent home spa experience.

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