Epsom Bath Salts For Warm Winter Soaks

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During winter, it’s normal to long for the warmth of a tight hug, a sip of hot chocolate, or that first dip in a freshly drawn warm bath. A relaxing bath is an excellent way to soothe the skin after a day out in the cold. It also helps in melting the day’s worries away. 

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Here’s how you can create the perfect winter soaks inspired by the season with the help of aromatic Epsom bath salts from Better Bath Better Body.  

Warm Yourself Up 

If you’re looking to get extra cozy during your winter soak, find warmth in natural ingredients like frankincense for a hint of spice and earthiness. We recommend Better Bath Better Body’s Joints Soak, as it’s rich in frankincense and rosemary essential oils. The combination will warm your spirits and remind you of the sights and smells of a refreshing pine forest. 

Create this cozy winter soak by pouring in a generous amount of the Joints Epsom salt bath soak into a tub of warm water. Elevate your bath even further by adding in extra drops of spicy essential oils such as juniper berry, cinnamon, and ylang-ylang. Enjoy a hot cup of your favorite winter beverage while you soak for extra indulgence. 

Find Calming Relief 

If the overwhelmingly cold weather ended up giving you an actual cold, find relief in ingredients like eucalyptus to help clear your sinuses and even soothe your skin. Soaking in a warm bath enriched with Better Bath Better Body’s aromatic Eucalyptus Bath Salt will envelop you in an invigorating aroma that will surely help you breathe easier later on. Eucalyptus can even help soothe the tightness of your skin after a long day out in the freezing cold. 

Create this rejuvenating winter soak by pouring an abundant amount of eucalyptus Epsom bath salt into a tub of warm water. If you’re in need of a bit more sinus-clearing action, mix in drops of peppermint, tea tree, and clary sage essential oils into your bathwater. You can even use an oil burner or humidifier with the same essential oils to get the job done. 

Soothe Your Tired Muscles

If you’re feeling sore and tight after a combination of the day’s hustle and the freezing weather, treat yourself to a bath or home foot spa enhanced with soothing ingredients such as ginger and cypress. We highly recommend the Circulation Foot Soak for exactly this. Note that you can use this as a bath soak, it just does wonders for those who like to enjoy foot soaks due to its soothing benefits! The combination of warm ginger essential oil and energizing cypress essential oil makes for an ideal winter soak. 

Create this calming winter soak by pouring a generous amount of ginger and cypress Epsom bath salt into a tub of warm water. Enhance the soothing benefits of this soak by adding in drops of lavender essential oil. Enjoy a hot cup of ginger tea and honey while you soak.

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