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5 Benefits Of Bergamot Essential Oil

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Bergamot is a citrus fruit with a powerful aroma. It is known to offer a long list of impressive health benefits for the mind and body. Aside from helping the digestive system and providing relief from muscle pain, Bergamot also helps fight depression and anxiety. Though it’s not as popular as other essential oils, it’s definitely something that can help improve your overall wellness.

Wondering what are the benefits you can get from Bergamot Essential Oil? Check these out.

  • Helps Boost Positive Emotions
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    Are you experiencing signs of depression such as fatigue, difficulties in sleeping, feelings of hopelessness, and disinterest in a lot things? Bergamot can help improve cheerfulness and promote positivity. It is a known relaxant and sedative. It contains flavonoids that help soothe the nerves and reduce nervous tension.

  • Prevents Infections
  • Bergamot has antibiotic and disinfectant properties that can help prevent infection. It can be used to help treat minor scars and wounds. Aside from helping speed up healing, it can also help reduce scars and promote faster healing of the affected skin tissues.

  • Nourishes Skin And Hair
  • If you are looking for an all-natural way to reduce acne marks, bergamot essential oil can help you too. It is known to help reduce blemishes and lighten dark spots. Bergamot also has antifungal and antibiotic that can help with dry and itchy scalp. It can even help prevent dandruff and hair loss.

  • Provides Pain Relief
  • Bergamot can also help reduce pain in the body. It can help provide relief from headaches, muscle aches, and sprains. This is a much better choice because it can help you avoid the dangers of over-the-counter medication that can cause damage to liver and kidneys.

    Try Better Bath Better Body’s Happiness Bath Soak With Bergamot Essential Oil

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    You can enjoy the benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil while soaking away your stress in a relaxing hot bath with Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom Salt Baths. Our Happiness Bath Soak is enhanced with 100% pure bergamot Essential Oil to help reduce stress and anxiety.

    Epsom Salt is known for numerous health benefits too. It’s an all-natural remedy that can help improve sleep, detoxify the body and promote better skin. Better Bath Better Body’s Bath Salts are made with all-natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about using unwanted chemicals on your body. Plus, our blends our enhanced with Vitamin C Crystals to help make your bath water so much better for you.

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