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5 Ways To Make Bath Time Fun For Kids

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“Ah, bath time is a breeze,” said no parent ever.

Sometime during toddlerhood (or maybe even earlier), most kids decide that bath time is neither fun nor interesting. A lot of them will think of the strangest reasons to avoid taking a bath.

Unless you can live with having a dirty child walking around your home, you need to put your foot down and let your child know that it’s important to take regular baths. Instead of getting angry and wasting your energy on forcing your child to go to the bathroom, why not make bath time fun instead? It’s the best solution that can make your everyday routine much easier. You’ll be less stressed, your child will be clean, and everyone will be happy.

Ready to say goodbye to all the fighting matches that happen right before bath time? Here are our suggestions to make bath time more fun for your kids and easy for you.

Play With Colored Ice

Are none of the bath toys you are using effective in getting your child’s attention? Keep things interesting by allowing them to play with colored ice while in the tub. This is easy to make, but the benefits are amazing. Just add food coloring to water before freezing it. Kids will enjoy seeing the ice cubes melt in the tub. If your kids are a bit older, you can use this as an opportunity to teach them about science and temperature too.

Clean The Bathroom Together

This may sound like a bad idea to you, but getting your kid to “help” you clean the bathroom is a lot easier than it sounds. Kids actually love it when you give them responsibilities. Plus, this is a great opportunity to teach your kid to help out with the chores.

Of course, you won’t actually be getting a lot of help, but this activity will make the bathroom an exciting place for your child. Give him or her an old toothbrush to “scrub the walls” with. Once the bathroom is clean, you can expect your child to be much more cooperative when taking a bath.

Let Them Paint In The Tub

Painting in the tub is something that will surely get your kids excited. Plus, it’s an awesome way for them to share and release their artistic talents. It's surprisingly simple to do: Buy shaving cream and add drops of food coloring. You can create as many colors as you want. It’s ideal to put the mixture in a muffin pan for convenience. Let your child paint on the walls. Don’t worry because the paint will wash off easily.

Bond With Your Child

Let’s face it: You probably need a fun and relaxing activity too. Why not use bath time as an opportunity to bond with your kid and get yourselves cleaned up at the same time? It’s a great way to show how much you love and nurture your child.

When your kids see that you enjoy baths, they are likely to be more cooperative. It’s a distraction-free activity that will really allow you to focus on your child. While you’re in the tub, there are no gadgets or chores demanding your attention. You can focus on bonding with your child and enjoying the experience together.

Make Bath Time Relaxing

Epsom Bath Salt Wellness BlogAs adults, we know how calming bath time can be, but most kids don’t know that yet. They think of a bath as a chore that they don’t ever want to complete. If you work on the details and make bath time a more relaxing experience for them, you might be able to change their perception.

Work on giving your child a “kiddie spa” experience. Play zen music in the bathroom. Get them nice robes. Maybe even surprise them with petals on the floor. The novelty of the whole experience is going to make bath time more interesting for your kids. Of course, don’t do this every day. Just do it once in a while to surprise your child.

Benefits Of An Epsom Salt Shower Or Bath

You can also add Epsom salt to their bath water. Epsom salt are all-natural remedies that can help kids relax and unwind. Because of its magnesium content, it can also help them sleep easier and better.

All of our Epsom salt products are enhanced with 100% pure essential oils that will allow your child to enjoy aromatherapy benefits as well. If you are looking for something that will make bedtime easier, try our Bedtime Bath Soak with chamomile essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, lavender essential oil, and orange essential oil.

Interested in learning more about Epsom salt online? Don’t hesitate to check out our products. You might also find something for yourself.

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