Bath Pillows: Are They Really Necessary?

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Bath Pillows: Are They Really Necessary?

Bath pillows are one bath accessory that many overlook, and their necessity to the bathing experience is often questioned. While taking a hot bath with the help of salts, essential oils, bubbles, or other enhancements is often sought after, many do themselves a great disservice by neglecting thought of the bath pillow. Baths aren’t often shaped in the most ergonomic fashion when it comes to your neck and spine, and taking that long and relaxing soak can actually do parts of your body harm while it’s doing other parts good. The addition of a high quality bath pillow can help to make your bath an all encompassing full body relaxation experience, and it’s one accessory that can really enhance the affects of all others.

What Bath Pillows Do

A bath pillow has much of the same job as a pillow you’d use on your bed, but it’s keeping you in line while in your bath instead of laying down for a good night’s rest. The position that your body, more specifically your neck and upper spine, rest in while you’re in the bath isn’t ideal, and prolonged exposure to this position can lead to pain, damage, and copious amounts of discomfort that can last long after your bath time has passed.

With a bath pillow, your head is able to rest in a position that minimizes the pressure and pain your neck and upper spine is experiencing, thereby actually allowing you to decompress your full body for a full body experience. For those who like to take long and frequent baths, a bath pillow can also save you from doing lasting damage to your head, neck, and back.

Bath Pillow Materials

Bath pillows can be made from a plethora of different materials, but it’s always best to choose a washable and easy to maintain option to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your pillow bath after bath. One common popular material for bath pillows is a washable sort of memory foam with a cloth casing exterior, which allows you to get the full contoured benefits of a luxury pillow while in your tub.

Inflatable bath pillows are another easy option, and these are particularly popular for those who may travel frequently and enjoy baths while on the road. These inflatable options are easy to keep clean, easy to achieve desired firmness with, and easy to pack and go, making it no wonder why they’re an option so often chosen.

To hold the pillow to your bath, the majority of bath pillows will also have suction cups or some type of hanging device to allow them to stay comfortably in place during your bath time. While many fear the hassle of constantly adjusting their bath pillow during what is supposed to be their time of relaxation, this is a fear unfounded with how a bath pillow can easily adhere to the side of your tub.

The bottom line to the bath pillow necessity question is this: yes, a bath pillow should be considered necessary if you truly wish to feel the full body benefit of a great bath. With the ability to give your body a way to fully relax, and the ease of use, bath pillows can truly help to provide the all encompassing relaxing bathing experience you’ve been looking for.

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