How Bath Salts Can Benefit Your Body

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how bath salts can benefits your body

When it comes to taking a rejuvenating and truly body beneficial bath, bath salts can really come in handy. These bath accessories can come in a myriad of different scents, textures, sizes, colors, and types, and there is a selection for you to choose no matter what type of ailment you’re looking to alleviate or what type of feeling you’re wishing to embrace. The first step to getting the most out of your bath salts is finding just what bath salts will suit your needs the best, and you can do yourself a big service in this regard when you learn about the common types available.

Types Of Bath Salts

The first thing you may notice about your bath salts is that they will come in different sizes, with some salts taking on a finer texture and others appearing more coarse. While both hold body and bath benefits, they may be used in different ways, and these are:

  • Fine bath salts – Fine bath salts are often used as both bath enhancers and scrubs or exfoliators while in the bath, helping to direct blood flow to the surface of the skin while drawing out toxins. Bath salts containing phosphates are particularly good for the health of your skin by way of softening, cleansing, and regenerating.
  • Medium bath salts – Medium bath salts can be used as a scrub, but only gently, and these are often best placed under running water to enhance the fragrance and the benefits of the bath.
  • Coarse bath salts – Coarse bath salts aren’t recommended for use as scrubs or exfoliators while in the bath, as the coarse texture and large size can damage the skin. These types of bath salts pack a heavy fragrance, relaxation, and benefit punch, but they do take a bit longer to dissolve when compared to those of fine or medium grains.

The size isn’t the only area where bath salts differ, and they may also differ in scent and benefits as well. Bath salts with essential oils such as lavender or mint can help to ease anxiety, bath salts using geranium oils can help you to revive and rejuvenate, and bath salts with oils of eucalyptus or menthol can help to ease headache and sinus pain, all while the salts themselves gift their own benefits to your body.

Salt Body Benefits

The salt itself is what holds the majority of body benefits, and it pays to opt for pure bath salts made from the salt of the sea. Much of the minerals that make bath salts so good for the body will be processed out of the salts in over-processed options, so sticking to purity is always sticking to the maximum salt benefit.

Bath salts will often contain quite a bit of magnesium sulfate naturally, and when the salts are dissolved in the water, the magnesium sulfate becomes part of the water as well. This is a mineral that is easily absorbed into the skin and taken into the body itself, allowing the body to better flush itself of toxins. When the toxins are helped out of the body, inflammation is often reduced, allowing pain to be eased and a sort of rejuvenation to occur. It’s for this reason that taking a bath with salts is often recommended if you’re experiencing aching, pain, or soreness, as this magnesium sulfate can help to alleviate the discomfort.

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