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How Bath Salts Can Benefit Your Body

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how bath salts can benefits your body

When it comes to taking a rejuvenating bath, bath salts can really come in handy. These bath products can come in a variety of scents, textures, sizes, colors, and types. There is something for you to choose no matter what you’re looking to improve or what type of result you wish to achieve. The first step to getting the most out of your bath salts is finding which ones will suit your needs the best, and you can do yourself a big service in this regard by learning about the common types available.

Types Of Bath Soaks

The first thing you may notice about your bath salts is that they come in various sizes, with some salts taking on a finer texture and others appearing more coarse. While they all offer benefits, they may be used in different ways. Read on to learn more.

Fine Bath Salts 

Fine bath salts are often used as bath enhancers and scrubs or exfoliators. They are good for the health of your skin by way of softening, cleansing, and regenerating.

Medium Bath Salts

Medium bath salts can be used as a scrub. However, you have to use them gently, and they are often best placed under running water to enhance its fragrance and benefits.

Coarse Bath Salts 

Coarse bath salts aren’t recommended for use as scrubs or exfoliators while in the bath as their texture and large size can damage the skin. These bath salts tend to have a heavy fragrance and allow you to relax, but they do take a bit longer to dissolve when compared to fine or medium bath salts.

    Other Properties Of Bath Salts

    The size isn’t the only area where bath salts differ. Their scents and the benefits they provide vary as well. For instance, bath salts with essential oils such as lavender or mint can help calm the mind, and those containing geranium essential oil can help revive and rejuvenate you.

    Salt's Benefits For The Body

    It pays to opt for pure Epsom salt when looking into your bath soak options. That way, you won't be getting an overprocessed product that might prove harmful in the long run. Better Bath Better Body's Epsom salt blends are made of nothing but natural ingredients, such as steam-distilled essential oils. Try our Sitz Bath Soak or perhaps our French Vanilla Bath Soak -- either soak can make every bath an experience to look forward to. Head over to our online shop for more options.

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