The Benefits Of Baths Over Showers

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the benefits of baths over showers

The argument of baths or showers is a pretty old one, and a recent opinion piece written by Lily Hay Newman over at Slate really outlines why opting for a bath may be in your best interest from time to time. Morning baths can help to rejuvenate and revive your body and mind after a night’s sleep, and considering opting for a bath when you’d normally hop on into the shower can come with some pretty great benefits.

In her piece, one argument that morning shower takers often turn to is not ignored, and that’s that taking a morning bath would involve a person sitting in their own soiled water, disallowing them to really get clean, but the author goes on to refute this argument with the help of some pretty sound logic from a professor of pediatric dermatology at Johns Hopkins. According to Professor Bernard Cohen, in truth we’re really not all that dirty to begin with. The vast majority of the population bathes or showers at least once per day as is, which means there isn’t a whole lot of soiling to the water while you’re in the bath when push comes to shove.

Cohen also takes a minute to chime in on the therapeutic benefits of a morning bath, and how taking a bath with your morning newspaper can really help to set the stage for a relaxed and prepared morning. By taking time to slow things down, it becomes easier to see just how the morning bath, rather than the morning shower, can begin to win out. You’re reaping all of the same hygienic benefits, but you’re getting a few extra benefits by way of added morning relaxation as well.

While showers do tend to be a little faster, there is nothing wrong with taking a little time out in the morning to relax in the bath before starting out your day. Contrary to popular belief, taking a bath will get you just as clean, but also bring along the additional benefits of providing you with a little extra mind-clearing relaxation, which is never a bad thing! The opinion piece can be found at and it really presents a tempting argument to wake up a few minutes early, take your favorite morning paper, and hop into the bath for a little gentle rejuvenation to give your day a great head start!

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