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Taking A Bath In Your Favorite Beverage

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taking a bath with your favorite beverage

According to a recent article posted on, men and women in Japan are trendsetters in the bath world. Known for coming up with innovations in beauty and wellness, the Japanese are taking bathing to the next level by using some of their favorite beverages instead of plain water. In this article, Nicole Morley describes these ancient-yet-cutting-edge bath trends.

One-Of-A-Kind Beverage Baths

The three beverages of choice are red wine, coffee, and green tea. This isn’t a new trend that is simply being tried in personal bathtubs in Japan. It is part of the public baths of Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, and these unique baths are drawing big crowds. Young and old alike can be found bathing and lounging in them, and many seem to be really reaping the rewards.

The most startling fact in the article has to do with the kinds of crowds these public baths seem to attract, but it makes sense when you consider what each of the three beverages can do for your body and skin. All three are high in antioxidants, have skin rejuvenating properties, have a pleasant and almost therapeutic aroma, and have been known to soften and beautify the skin.

Another somewhat surprising aspect of these baths is their appearance: all three look rather dramatic. The red wine bath is a gorgeous red wine color, the coffee bath is earthy and rich like a fresh cup of java, and the green tea bath is a beautiful shade of natural green. This seems to enhance the entire experience of bathers.

The people of Japan are known for creating beauty and wellness trends, and this pattern continues with the way they take baths. Whether you want to soak in green tea, coffee, or red wine, a bath in your favorite beverage is something every bath lover should definitely try at least once.

Have An At Home Mineral Bath

If you find beverage baths to be a bit extreme, an Epsom salt bath may be the better fit for you. It's a step above a bath using only warm water, but it is not that different, either. Choosing a blend containing essential oils is even more ideal, and you can find a wide range of options at Better Bath Better Body. Try our Good Mood Bath Soak or our Gentleman's Bath Soak. Check out our online store to learn more about what we have to offer.

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