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Why You Should Get A Bathtub Caddy

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why you should get a bathtub caddy

There is nothing like a nice soak in the tub. You can set the mood with some candles, gentle music, and perhaps even a glass of wine. However, there isn't always enough space for all of those things in your bathroom. Having to constantly hold items or being extra careful the entire time so they won't slip off the surface can ruin your perfect evening. Don't let another bath go to waste with a bathtub caddy.

What Is A Bathtub Caddy?

A bathtub caddy is a type of tray that can rest on either end of the tub. Basically, it is like a small table for the bathtub. While some can look more like baskets to store soaps and lotions, others can be flat and specially designed for setting down a book or a drink on.

How Does The Bathtub Caddy Make For A Better Bath?

Bathtub caddies can serve a variety of purposes, from holding bath accessories to giving you the perfect amount of space in order to set the mood properly. Here are just a few suggestions for using the bathtub caddy to enhance your bath time experience:

Grab A Good Book

Being able to soak in the tub and unwind with a good book is a wonderful way to relax after a hard day. A bathtub caddy can help you prop up your book to keep it nice and dry.

Pour Youself Some Wine

Bath time is your "me time," so you should make the most of it and relax with a glass of wine. With a bathtub caddy, you won't have to worry about knocking over or spilling your drink. You could even bring your dinner or a scrumptious desert with you, but that may end up being too messy, so you may want to keep the amount of food to a minimum.

Light Candles For A Soothing Atmosphere

Candles can really set the mood for relaxation, but there isn't always a good area for them. Bathtub caddies give you a stable place for your candles to sit on.

Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

Even if you have no trouble setting the mood and loosening up in the tub, a bathtub caddy can be a great way to organize your bath accessories. Fill it with your soaps, shampoo, lotions, bath salts, essential oils, and whatever else you use to keep yourself clean and refreshed.

Don't be afraid to get a little creative! There are tons of other ways you can make good use of a bathtub caddy.

Having A Wonderful Candlelit Bath

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