Tips For The Perfect Bathing Experience

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tips for the perfect bathing experience

You work hard everyday, so don't you deserve a little rest and relaxation? Taking a nice warm bath can be the perfect way to find some peace without having to leave the comfort of your home. However, trying to relax can be a lot harder than you think. Most adults are so used to their daily fast paced life that slowing down can feel like an impossible task. Don't stress get in the way of your bath time any longer! With these helpful tips, you will feel the anxiety melt away and you can finally get the 'me time' you've always deserved.

Throw In Some Salts And Oils

You deserve some rest and relaxation, so why not go all out? Adding some bath salts and oils can really step up your bath time. Bath oils come in a variety of scents such as jasmine, rose, and lavender and smell wonderful. Bath salts are also great to mix in your bath water and allows you to rest your sore muscles and recover after a busy day. If that's not enough to convince you, then you should know that bath salts and oils can be very therapeutic.

Light Some Candles

Most bathroom lighting is harsh and overly bright. This forces your brain to think it's 'go' time and not 'relax' time. However, you certainly don't want to bathe in the dark either. Instead light a few candles and put them around the room or bath tub. Not only will candle light be more soothing to the eyes, it really sets the mood. If you get scented candles, make sure it is a scent that is relaxing or reminds you of something happy.

Put On Some Music

Candles aren't the only thing that can set the mood. Music can keep your mind distracted from the things your anxious about and calm your nerves. Be sure to choose music that is relaxing. Even if you have a love of heavy metal, you'll have to admit it's not the most calming music. If you don't feel like relaxing to some music, then perhaps some relaxing sounds? Nature sounds like raindrops falling, a crackling fire, or birds chirping can all give you the serene atmosphere your looking for and can be easy to find online or in nearby stores.

Close Your Eyes

It may seem silly to add this in, but hear us out! Having your eyes closed is essential to allowing you to fully relax. Sometimes this can be surprisingly challenging to do. This is why putting cucumbers, a cold wash cloth, or eye pads over your eyes can be beneficial since it makes it easier to keep them closed. It also helps to visualize yourself in your 'happy place' or by focusing on your other senses like the smell of your bath salts or candles.

Open Up A Good Book

If you don't feel ready to close your eyes and melt your troubles away, why not open up a good book? Reading can be a great way to venture off to distance lands in the comfort of your own bathtub. With our minds often cluttered with the stress of daily life, a book can be a perfect way to calm your thoughts and have some peace of mind.

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