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Getting That Perfect Bath In The Summer

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getting that perfect bath in the summer

On the hottest, stickiest, and harshest days of summer, you’re probably not going to come home and yearn to jump into a nice hot tub. While taking a hot bath may not seem like the most attractive idea during the summer, it doesn’t mean you have to give up the benefits of bathing in favor of comfort during this time of the year, and summer baths can actually come with quite a few distinct benefits of their own.

Ideas For Summer Baths

A bath during the summer can actually be quite refreshing, but you’ll want to make sure you’re preparing for and enjoying your bath properly. First, if your bathroom doesn’t have adequate cooling in the summer, opening up a window and placing a fan in the room can really help to keep you relaxed and comfortable during the whole bathing experience. Also, you’ll want to shy away from making your bath too hot, and opt for a cooler or just warm bath instead.

When taking a bath in the summer, it can also help to embrace cool scents and an idea of refreshment, as this can turn your bathing experience into one that is rejuvenating and exhilarating, while still keeping relaxation in the forefront.

Summer Baths For Summer Benefits

Summer is a wonderful season, but while the winter has snows, ice, frostbite, and harsh winds to worry about, there are plenty of concerns you’ll find yourself with in the summer as well. Sunburns, overheating, bug bites, and plant based rashes are just some common summer concerns that can all be relieved with the help of a summer bath, and all you need to learn is how!

If bug bites or a nasty case of poison ivy, oak, or sumac is plaguing you, taking a warm bath with a little chamomile and oatmeal can do a great deal to calm the skin and stop the itch. What this combination does is calm and cleanse the skin in a way that allows it to repair itself while feeling relieved, and the bath will leave you feeling soft and refreshed.

If the sun happens to get the best of you, a bath can help you with relieving and healing your sunburn as well. First, draw a hot bath, then add a handful of black tea teabags such as Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chai, or a similar blend, allowing the teabags to soak in the water for around 10 to 15 minutes. Not only will this allow the water to cool to a nice comfortable temperature, but it will help the benefits inside the tea to steep thoroughly into the bath in preparation for what they will do for your skin. Black tea is packed full of tannins, or tannic acid, and this can work marvelously to draw heat from the skin and repair the damage the sun has caused!

Lastly, if the heat of the day is the problem, taking a cool bath with a little cooling help can really allow you to take your temperature down a few notches. A lukewarm or cool bath with the addition of some sliced cucumber and a little peppermint essential oil can provide for you a way to relax and revive your entire body as you cool yourself from the outside in.

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