Red Wine And The Newest Bath Trend

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red wine and the newest bath trend

Allure magazine is touted by many as one of the highest authorities in beauty. Their ability to try out and give honest, comprehensive reviews of various beauty trends is a huge part of why they’re such a trusted source.

Wine For Bathing, Not Drinking

In early August, Lindsay Colameo, the assistant digital editor of Allure, tackled a new beauty trend picking up speed in Japan: wine baths. She provided a full report of the results in an excellent write-up that can be found here.

Her red wine bath occurred at the Adler Themae Spa in Italy. While it was carried out in a professional setting, the benefits Colameo experienced can also be enjoyed at home.

The experience started with your average hot bath. The spa technician then added a whole carafe of red wine to the water, and this is something that can be done rather easily in your own bathtub. The author goes on to say that “those ten minutes I spent in the tub were some of the most relaxing and luxurious I have ever experienced,” which may prove that this is one bath trick worth looking into.

After the red wine bath, Lindsay reveals that her skin felt softer and appeared a bit smoother than it was before she got into the water. However, she admits that it could be due to the grape seed massage she had received before the bath treatment.

When it comes to skin benefits, dermatologist Jason Emer then shares his professional expertise. He states that red wine contains resveratrol, which is particularly great at combating sun damage and the signs of aging.

Although red wine baths aren’t going to give you a dramatic transformation, they could present a few benefits to your skin and promote relaxation too. The former is debatable, but Colameo found the red wine bath experience to be highly calming, so it may pay to let a few drops of your favorite vintage fall into the water the next time you’re in the tub.

Epsom Salts In Bathtub

If you’re not a fan of mixing wine and relaxation, how about going for Epsom salt? Blends such as our Good Mood Bath Soak and  Jasmine Bath Soak are perfect for unwinding any day of the week. Head over to our online shop for other aromatic blends.


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