Why You Want To Set Aside Time This Winter For A Great Bath

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Why You Want To Set Aside Time This Winter For A Great Bath

The phrase “chilled to the bone” isn’t just a saying—the cold can really take a toll on your body. Not only can the winter season leave you feeling frozen, but it can also lead to a general feeling of tension that can be alleviated with a nice bath. You no longer have to worry about snowstorms because you have the option of taking a warm winter bath to calm your mind and nerves while allowing your body to feel better at the same time.

Winter Baths And Negative Emotions

It's not uncommon to feel more down than usual during winter, and this is something that millions can attest to. Whether a lack of outdoor time, less sunlight, stress, or cold-induced discomfort is to blame, many report feeling deep feelings of sadness during the winter months. In such times, a bath can be the perfect remedy.

Taking a warm bath with the help of geranium essential oil can lift your mood, ease your discomfort, and relax your entire body. This can help you overcome any negativity in a natural way. If you're unsure about using the essential oil on its own, use our Dry Skin Bath Soak instead. It's an Epsom salt blend enhanced with geranium and lavender essential oils. A 20-minute warm Epsom salt bath will do you a world of good.

Winter Baths And Your Skin

The one thing to remember doing when enjoying winter baths is to always check the state of your skin afterward. Taking warm baths too often can dry out the skin, but bath additives like our Dry Skin Bath Soak can reverse that trend and allow your skin to soak in the nutrients it needs. Using it 2-3 times a week is enough to keep your skin glowing.

When taking frequent baths in the winter, it’s important to consider how your skin is reacting to them, or if you can benefit from the addition of soothing ingredients like oils and Epsom salt. By using any of our bath soaks, you can achieve total relaxation, uplift your mood, take care of your skin, and protect it from the harsh weather.

After coming in from the cold, there are few things as comforting as dipping into a warm bath. As long as you use the right products, relaxing in the tub several times a week can keep you in high spirits all winter.

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