Why You Want To Set Aside Time This Winter For A Great Bath

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Why You Want To Set Aside Time This Winter For A Great Bath

The phrase “chilled to the bone” isn’t just a saying, and the cold can take a big toll on your body. Not only will the season leave you feeling chilled, but the weather can actually lead to inflammation, soreness, and an overall tense feeling which a great bath can alleviate perfectly. Worrying about that big snowstorm doesn’t have to be a stress that plagues you, and you can use the option of taking a hot winter bath as one to help you to calm your mind and your nerves while also making your body feel better.

Winter Baths And Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression is very real, and this is something that millions can attest to. Whether a lack of outdoor time, less sunlight, stress, or cold derived pain is the culprit, many report feeling deep feelings of depression during the winter months, and in this a bath can do you a great service. Taking a hot bath with the help of geranium essential oils or other uplifting bathing accessories can lift your mood, ease your pain, and work to relax your entire body, which can help to lessen seasonal depression symptoms in a natural and effective way.

Winter Baths And Your Skin

The one thing to remember when enjoying your winter baths is the state of your skin, as the harsh winter weather can do a number on the state of your body’s largest organ. Hot baths can dry out the skin when taken too frequently, but there are bath additives that can actually reverse this trend and allow your body to soak in the nutrients your skin needs.

When taking frequent baths in the winter, it’s important to consider how your skin may be feeling, and if it can benefit from the addition of some oatmeal, oils, or other skin soothing ingredients. By taking a bath with these accessories, you can reap the benefits of total relaxation, a great warm up, and an uplift in mood, while still taking care of your skin and providing it with just the protection from the cold that it needs.

After coming in from the cold, there are few things as soothing as dipping into a nice hot bath. As long as you prepare by taking concern for your skin, taking hot baths can really boost how you’re feeling all season long!

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