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6 Tips On Bringing Romance To The Bathtub

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 6 Tips On Bringing Romance To The Bathtub

Keeping up the romance in a relationship isn't always as easy as we'd like it to be. Why not spice things up with a couple's bath?

Bathing together can be a highly intimate experience for you and your partner. It is especially beneficial to those who don't have the budget for expensive dinners or trips. But how do you make sure your romantic bathtub getaway is a success? Read on to find out.

Romantic Bath Ideas For Couples 

Make Sure The Bathroom Is Clean

You're probably not eager to do an extra chore, but cleaning the bathroom is important in setting the right mood. If you don't do this, you and your partner will find the clutter, dirt, and grime off-putting, which will then ruin your time together. So do what you can to freshen up the bathroom for date night.

Choose Your Time Wisely

Make sure to schedule the bath when the two of you won't be interrupted by anyone or anything. This is crucial for parents with young children to remember. The bath is meant to help you bond with your partner, and if there is even a small chance that someone will cut the date short, they probably will.

If you have to be somewhere in an hour or there is something you need to get done right away, you'll be too distracted to focus on your significant other. So before you have the bath, see to it that you and your partner have plenty of time to spare.

    Add Something Extra To Your Bath

    From bath salts like the Romance Bath Soak to essential oils, there are a lot of products you can use to make the evening even more special. Be sure not to use too many different items so that the scents won't overwhelm you or your partner. Go for aromas that the two of you can enjoy. Choosing something out together for your big night can even add to the experience.

    Use A Large Sponge Or Loofah

    This one may seem strange, but washing one another can be relaxing for both parties. A large sponge tends to be best because it allows you to squeeze warm water over your and your partner's body. You may substitute it with a washcloth or other similar items if you wish.

    Light A Few Candles

    Candles are a wonderful way to set the perfect atmosphere for romance. Again, if your candles are scented, pick a scent that you and your partner find pleasant. You may also want to purchase scented candles that will complement the fragrance of the other bath products you're looking to use. 

    Place the candles in an area where they won't be easily knocked over. When there is more than one person in the tub, it is easier to hit things by accident.

    Put On Some Romantic Music

    With music, you and your partner will be ready for an evening of romance in minutes. Create a playlist of your favorite romantic songs ahead of time so you don't suddenly encounter an inappropriate one in the middle of the bath.
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