7 Self-Love Habits To Practice In 2021

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7 Self-Love Habits To Practice In 2021 ‘’’

2020 has been anything but ordinary. It is understandable, even unsurprising, if you are feeling a little worse for wear. Before you burn out just as the year comes to a close, this may be the perfect time to step back. Take a break and give yourself the time to reflect on this year’s hardships and ask yourself how 2021 can be better. This article talks about the self-love habits you can use to make next year a better one.

What Is Self-Love And Why It’s Important

The term ‘self-love’ is quite popular these days. It is probable that you’ve encountered the phrase a few times in relation to romantic advice or work stress. But what really is self-love? What does it mean to practice self-love?

Self-love boils down to having a sense of reverence for one’s self. It means self-respect. When you respect yourself, you choose to be around things, people, situations that will benefit your own wellbeing. While it can be mistaken for selfishness and self-absorption, it is far from those things.

You practice self-love and self-respect in order to grow into a better version of you. This better version will then be able to do more things for the good of other people, and for the benefit of a wider world. Practicing self-love is seeing yourself as an extension of the boundless universe that exists around you. And it is a universe to be inspired by.

The way you treat yourself also manifests in the way you relate to your surroundings. Consequently, the energy you put out into the world comes back to you one way or another. So, it’s important to practice self-love in order to make sure that what you’re giving the world is something that’s positive.

Now, how do you practice self-love? Below is a list of some basic self-love habits that you can start incorporating into your everyday life. They’re nothing fancy. The key is to practice daily. Develop self-care habits that you wouldn’t mind doing for about 15 minutes or less every day.

7 Self-Love Habits To Practice In 2021 ‘’’

Ask Yourself What You Need, Not What You Want

It is common for us to be raised with the idea that you go for what you want. The reality of life however, repeatedly shows us that you can’t have everything you want. Therefore, a lot of people grow up to be frustrated and cynical people. Although they fuel motivation and ambition, wants and desires can be destructive if they cannot be reconciled with potential disappointments.

The next time you feel disappointed, because something did not turn out the way you want it to, try asking yourself what you need. You may be surprised how simple it can be to respond to that need. It could be as simple as a hug, a call to a trusted friend, or a nice cup of tea. Needs are more in line with what our inner selves long for. So, listen to your needs.

Know Your Boundaries And Communicate Them

Everyone has sacrificed sleep over work. A lot of people know what it’s like to compromise on personal values to appease a friend, a lover, or a colleague. It is understandable to do this a few times under certain circumstances. But, if you neglect your personal boundaries for too long, you risk your happiness and even your health.

For the New Year, try writing down your 5 non-negotiable. It can be something like leaving work on time, holding people to their word, or finishing your sentences even if someone is trying to interrupt you. Try working on putting one or two of these non-negotiable in practice. When you’re comfortable and ready, try doing all five.

Take Care Of Your Body

Your body is what allows you to move and explore through time and space. It deserves to be respected and taken care of. To do that, the very first step you can take is to improve your diet. A good diet has long-lasting implications on your health and quality of life. So, invest in good ingredients and home cooked meals.

The second thing you can do is establish an exercise routine. It doesn’t need to be very rigorous. Focus on improving your mobility and strength instead of targeting a weight loss goal. Also, have a plan for your recovery phase. Try incorporating a nice relaxing bath to help your body relax and reenergize after your workout. You can even enrich your recovery phase with Turmeric Bath Soak or aromatherapy.

7 Self-Love Habits To Practice In 2021 ‘’’

Get Into Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness is a habit of checking in with yourself and examining your thoughts and feelings without judgment. It’s a way to tame runaway thoughts like negative self-talk, self-doubt, or judgment of others. As a form of meditation, practicing mindfulness could help relieve stress and anxiety. It can also improve your mood and overall mental health.

Forgive Yourself More Often

People can be their own worst critics. While you can hold yourself to a standard, it’s not good to give yourself a hard time when you make mistakes. Whenever you have a mishap and you start feeling negative feelings, try interrupting yourself. Instead of dwelling on how you messed up, try putting things into a perspective. Was the mistake really that bad? What could you do to remedy it? Try and focus on what you can learn from this mistake.

Shield Yourself

Encountering with negativity—whether in the form of family, friends, partners, work situations—is part of life. But you don’t need to be steeped in it all the time. Give yourself permission to disconnect from it all, and protect yourself.

Give Yourself Time To Just Be Still

Slow down. In an ever-busier world, taking the time to pause can do wonders. Similar to mindfulness exercises, allowing yourself to be idle can also help you process your feelings and thoughts. While everyone has commitments related to work, family, community—it is important to disconnect from time to time. Enjoy your own company and marvel at your own thoughts and capacity for optimism.



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