Why You Should Make Bath Time A Daily Experience

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Many people see the act of bathing as the act of getting clean and ready for the day ahead, but in reality it is so much more than that. Bathing shouldn’t just be a way to get clean, it should be a chance to relax and feel your stress melt away. You can even create your own spa experience by tossing in a few essential oils and bath salts in there as well.

Don’t believe us?

Here are just 5 reasons you should be bathing everyday:

1) Improved Muscle Function

Regularly laying in a nice hot bath is great for relieving muscle tension and can even help you recover after a stressful day of work or exercise. However, that is not all. Ever wondered why people are always recommending daily bathing for athletes? Bathing daily can improve the elasticity of your muscles and even get more performance out of them with a reduced chance of soreness or injury.

2) Reduced Stress

In Japan, a study conducted showed that those who bathed for 60 minutes showed a smaller amount of stress hormones in their body than those who did not. Aside from the scientific evidence, there is the fact that a warm bath is simply a wonderful way to relax and let your worries melt away. The more you can get your small dose of relaxation, the more stress free you become. Not to mention the benefits that come with using aromatherapy during your bath time experience.

3) Better Quality Sleep

With all of the relaxation and pain-killing hormones that a relaxing bath can bring, it is no wonder why it also helps you achieve a better and more high-quality sleep. On top of all that, your muscles will be more relaxed which means you will be able to sleep more comfortably without body aches and pains to worry about. A fuller and deeper sleep has a lot of health benefits that go along with it as well. You will have more energy, feel less tired, and you will even look better too.

4) Improved Blood Circulation

Immersing yourself in a bathtub full of hot water increases blood circulation to the limbs and helps to nourish damaged cells at the extremities. With this increase in blood circulation, your blood pressure reduces and your heart function improves!

5) Removes Toxins

No matter how much deodorant you may put on, if you are sweating a lot, you need to take a bath. Sweating is the body’s own natural way to eliminate toxins, but it won’t do you any good if you soak in it afterwards. Taking a daily bath ensures that toxins are taken care of. Sweating aside, hot baths are great for killing any bacteria or viruses you may have on your body and decreases the number of infections you have to suffer throughout the year. You can even boost its detox qualities by throwing a few bath salts in there as well.


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