Salt Water Baths And Why They Are Great

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The stress and strain of our busy lifestyle can really take its toll on our mind and body. Not to mention that technology has a way of keeping us too connected to our daily stresses and anxieties than we would like to be. On days like this, there is nothing as refreshing and wonderful as just taking a nice hot soak in the bathtub.

Though many of us think of baths as just a way to get clean and ready for the day, they actually have a wonderful healing quality of their own. The hot water kills off bacteria and viruses on the outside while on the inside it is increasing circulation and aiding our aching muscles. However, with a little help, your bath time can do a whole lot more to boost the health of your mind and body. How you may ask? Well by tossing in some bath salts of course!

What Are Bath Salts?

Bath salts are a water-soluble and pulverized minerals that are added to water to add more to your bathing experience. Bath salts were developed to mimic the properties of natural mineral springs and seas that are not easy to get to. Though they are called salts, not all bath salts actually have salt in them. The name comes from their crystal appearance that is very similar to that of common table salt.

Since around 2700 years BCE, many people have used salt water to heal various ailments or to simply enjoy their benefits. This tradition and practice is still continued today with a lot more evidence backing it up.

How Does Bath Salts Boost Your Bathing Experience?

An article by Udita Madan called ‘Salt water bath: Know why it’s good for your health!’ explains why bath salts truly add something extra to our bathing experience. Udita Madan is an experienced writer for Zee News, an online news site that shares everything from the latest technology to holistic medicines. Madan shares just a few of the reasons why a salty bath can aid both your mind and body and even how it works to do so.

How Do You Use Bath Salts?

Don’t worry, it is actually rather simple. Once your bath water fills the bathtub around the half way mark, you just toss a small hand full of your bath salt into the water. Use your hand and arm to make sure the salt has mixed properly into the water and then you can just hop in and soak up the benefits.

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