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The 7 Secrets To A Perfect Bath

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The 7 secrets to a perfect bathWe have all taken baths before. You just fill up the bath tub with water, climb in, grab your soap and that is basically it right? Well not necessarily. Don’t settle for an average bath! Create the perfect bath for your needs and treat yourself to the wonderful spa experience you deserve. Here are just a few of the secrets to unlocking the full potential of your bath time experience.

SECRET 1: Transform your home into a spa experience!

If you could, you would probably go to the spa once a week to take care of your skin and nurture your body. For the most of us, this is a distant dream. That’s why you should create your own wonderful spa experience right into your own bathtub. Buy some high quality bath salts, great smelling essential oils, your very own mud mask with or with sliced cucumbers, and soak all your troubles away.

SECRET 2: Use the right ingredients!

It is true! High-quality natural bath salts and essential oils can take years off your appearance and improve the physical and mental health of your body and mind. Do you have a cold? A problem with acne? Feeling anxious? There are so many types of bath salts and oils with several different kinds of benefits. Think about what you need to get out of your bathing experience and find the bathing items that will best benefit you.

SECRET 3: Atmosphere is key!

Before you hop into the bath tub, make sure that the room lighting is soft and low. Either dim the lights or place candles in a safe place in the bath room. Normal bathroom lighting is simply too harsh for you to be able to enjoy your experience, but you don’t want to bathe in the dark either. Bring in a portable music player and play some soothing music or sounds that will transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis.

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SECRET 4: Keep the curtain closed!

After you have stepped into the bath, either partially or completely close the shower curtain or door. Not only will this help to seal in the heat, but it will also keep in all that great and fragrant steam. The steam helps to open up your pores in your skin and allow you to keep a youthful and healthy glow.

SECRET 5: Make sure you won’t be interrupted!

Whether you have children to worry about or just have roommates that like to pop in and out, make sure you have the time needed to fully enjoy yourself. If you have children, wait until they are sleeping, or have your partner watching over them for the next half hour. For anyone else, make sure they know not to bother you for the next few minutes or so.

SECRET 6: Not so fast, keep soaking!

After 10 minutes or so of soaking, you may be tempted to hop out of the bath tub and go back to other activities. Instead, lie back and stay in there for at least another 10 minutes. The bath salts and essential oils need to have time to work their magic on your skin.

SECRET 7: End your bath off the right way!

After you have soaked up all those wonderful benefits, make sure to end things off the right way with a nice fluffy bath robe or some comfy pajamas to slip into. Bathrobes can be especially good for this because they work as both a towel and a soft sensation for the skin.


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